African Truck Simulator
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Re: African Truck Simulator

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RDC (Ex-Zaire)
Mobile customs scanners: customs at the port of Matadi.
Route: Kinshasa - Matadi

Mobile customs scanners: border customs at Kasumbalesa.

Route: Kasumbalesa - Lubumbashi
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Re: African Truck Simulator

#22 Post by Winchester1979 » 01 Apr 2020 03:40

You know what I'm seeing in all these pictures? Mercedes, MAN, Scania and Volvo trucks. You know what that makes this? Perfect map expansion DLC fodder for Euro Truck Simulator for when they run out of Europe to add.

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Re: African Truck Simulator

#23 Post by blackpanther239 » 06 Apr 2020 23:11

I think that would be a great idea!!
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Re: African Truck Simulator

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Good morning, all this month that I was out of the forum I managed to research many things about Africa.
  I want to share with everyone interested and excited about the possibility of expanding game maps to Africa, today some routes over the country of Rwanda, it is a very beautiful country with incredible scenery, very mountainous in general, and it also has a good economy developing country, it is located in the heart of Africa in the central part of the continent. During these trips, Observer can perceive the great demographic density that this country has; many towns and cities, many people walking on the highways because the countryside is also very dense in population demographics.
So good road for everyone, who have the desire to follow for 1 hour or 2 hours of travel on these beautiful routes.
  As time goes by I will post more videos and routes from African countries, there is a good amount of material and now I am going to divide them by countries in a little more organized way to be able to post!!

Ruhengeri (Rwanda) to Goma (DRC Congo) RN4
Map: ... 0aeb04!3e0

Kigali to Ruhengeri - RN4
Map:, ... 090948!3e0

Kibuye to Muhanga

Muhanga to Kibuye

Nyabugogo (Kigali)- Muhanga
Route: ... 651644!3e0

Gisiza to Rubengera RN7
Map: ... 481948!3e0


Ntungamo -Mirama Hills Rwanda/Uganda
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Re: African Truck Simulator

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Kacyiru to Kimihurura ( returning to Kacyiru) in Kigali City

Kigali streets roads ... lK&index=3

Kisimenti to Engen in Kigali city

RN7 route (Bupfune) Kubuye to Gisenyi.
the Rota video starts in the city Bupfune ( video time enter city: 0:26) and has its destination in the city of Gisenyi.
Start: ... m2!4m1!3e0
- Bridge river Nyabahanga ... 29.3756067

- Nyamuhebe 5:17

- Fumaye 9:16

Akagera National Park - SAFARI TUR.
This video has invaluable information Why it allows you to build a road and also a tourist route within the world of SCS Software's road and highway maps for the African Truck Simulator project, or which are expandable dlcs from the Euro Truck 2 game.

Safari in Akagera National Park .1. Roads

The importance is that it allows building cargo from conservationist animal farms such as elephant lions and transporting them to national parks where they would be released. It also allows cargoes to depart from African national parks with the transport of animals to international cargo airports in Africa to other international airports as a consequence and finally the transportation of these animals to zoos this would allow children to understand and experience huh a little more about Africa and also about the preservation of these animal species where the African truck driver has an invaluable role in the preservation of species.

Safari in Akagera National Park .2. Roads

It is also possible to transport insumes to national parks, such as vehicles for exemple: small fleet of jeeps. Trailer trucks can be transported, how many national parks, and there to deliver these vehicles and other inputs to national parks there would of course require more research about Africa. But it is an interesting idea loads for national parks. Finally, inserting national parks as a cargo destination also allows other SCS Software game projects to be more attractive, such as the bus simulator.
  It can allow for example, then trips from hotels to national parks.

  This is interesting that could occur by creating a road map and the elements of a national park such as animals with their movements, landscapes and routes would allow young people to experience Africa in relation to nature, it would be a stimulating attribute for the development of very interesting environmental awareness and linked to games.

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Re: African Truck Simulator

#26 Post by dsf.fernando » 28 May 2020 18:15 wrote:
04 Jan 2020 20:24
This is a conceptual map of Africa.

The numbering corresponds to the game's DLC's.
We would start from the north then completed to Sudan.
Unpopular opinion: starting from South Africa would be a better option
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Re: African Truck Simulator

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Yes, I also agree that the game should start in South Africa. It has many trailer manufacturing industries, automobile manufacturing, electronics industries, in short. when i am researching i discovered many interesting things about africa and many taboos are falling on my head it is a magnificent continent i am passionate about africa but i didn´t know her with such great economic diversity as i´m starting to know is amazing i I really wish there was an Africa Truck Simulator.

but there is another business most players I believe would like to start from North Africa to South Africa in my analysis where it should start is an almost secondary factor what matters is that SCS Software could make you hire some African employees would be interesting people who understand even there in the countries, right, some could even be hired permanently others would be hired In my opinion temporary to develop specific projects about their country people who know a lot about their own country have already traveled the territory a lot I understand well the country's economy help to develop these maps and on the other hand, you could get to know the Czech Republic Look, it would be something very interesting, it is not SCS Software, I will gain knowledge about Africa and finally the employee would gain in knowing a country in Europe, it is just a idea.
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Re: Wind farms - Namíbia.

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The first wind farm in Namibia at Luderitz. The Ombepo Wind Project.

------------------- Ombepo Wind Farm -----------------

Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3

Each wind turbine is 80 m high. These wind turbines produce a total of 5 MW.
The authorities of this southern African country want to achieve 70% renewable energy in the energy matrix by 2030.

"For example, the country expects to have four solar parks with 98 wind turbines. According to government forecasts, these facilities are expected to increase the country's generation capacity from 400 MW to 600 MW to improve access to electricity".

----------- Otjozondjupa Wind Farm -----------
In Otjozondjupa, in the center of Namibia, two German companies, Gildemeister Energy Solutions and SunEQ GmbH, are building a 6.5 MW solar park

------------------------- Oranjemund Wind Farm ------------
Other wind energy projects will also be launched between the cities of Oranjemund and Lüderitz.

Reference: ... wind-farm/
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Re: African Truck Simulator

#29 Post by » 10 Nov 2020 07:28

1. Kang, Botswana to Namibian border pos,t to Windhoek:
The videos are accelerated, so it is recommended to reduce the video playback speed, to follow the road route a little more detail.
Between 0.5 and if you want to see frames then 0.25.
Climate: ... k%20months.
The video was made during the summer period in February, which is one of the months with the highest rainfall in the country.
The winter period in the southern hemisphere where the country is located is marked by its clean, and virtually no rain.

Kang: is a city of approximately 5000 people.

2. Namibian border post to Windhoek
it is recommended to put video 0.25 for a more realistic monitoring of the trip along the Road Route of the "Trans Kalahari Highway".
And in this way you can also have access to view information signs on the highway. The video in accelerated mode is 25 minutes.
So if Africa Truck Simulator was ever made at least now in the year 2020. This is the best video to take on this route.
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Re:Brick and tile industries in Algeria and North Africa (Morocco,Tunisia)

#30 Post by » 16 Nov 2020 22:31

This research aims to show the factories of bricks, tiles and other products for civil construction in the Republic of Algeria (located in North Africa) and other countries. To date, 47 North African companies have been found as customers of this Spanish company that supplies robotic equipment (for automation and industrial robotization in the factory sector) in the manufacture of bricks, tiles and other products.
The factory for robotic and automated equipment, is located in the city of Barcelona in Spain, and exports this equipment worldwide, including to other countries in Europe, and its biggest customers appear to be the industrial sector in North African countries (Algeria, Morocco , Tunisia).

Algeria 35 factories. Link: ... Itemid=154

Morocco: 7 factories. Link: ... Itemid=154

Tunisia: 4 factories. Link: ... Itemid=154

Below are just a few examples of factories; bricks, tiles, in Republic of Algeria.
To exemplify the types of industrial equipment that the Spanish company exports and that allows countries in North Africa to produce bricks and tiles on a large scale and at low cost for their own domestic markets. I couldn't answer whether it is also intended for exports. Perhaps some young Euro Truck 2 players, who are from Algeria can better answer that, and also from other countries in North Africa. Perhaps someone is better informed about this sector.

1. ITC Sarl (Algérie). City: Boumedfaa (Wilaya de Ain Defla)
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference: ... ra-itc-eng

2. Briqueterie Altrapco (Algérie). City: Ouled Brahem
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference: ... e-altrapco

3. Briquelive (Algérie). City: Bordj Bou Areridje
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference: ... 44af7076ee

4. SPRA - Arbal Briqueterie (Algérie). City: El Kerma
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference: 4.1 ... /arbal-eng
Reference: 4.2 ... nd-shaping

5. Briqueterie Tuilerie El Moumtaza II
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference: ... oumtaza-en

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