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This is a very simple post. On the Gibraltar police truck. However, so much may still be found in the territory, it can be found. The year of the photo is 2014. Courtesy and reference: ... light-bar/



The rear:

The force crest:
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Re: Overnight: San Roque near Gibraltar

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--------------------------- Overnight: San Roque near Gibraltar -----------------------------------------

This video shows a very interesting situation that truckers departing from the northwest (Galiza, Asturias, Castilla y Leon) of Spain, and northern Portugal (Porto, Viseu, Bragança) using the A66 (E-803) highway in Spain, and have the cargo destination; Gibraltar. The situation that is very predictable is not able to arrive long enough to discharge in Gibraltar. Normally, Portuguese drivers stop and rest at the "Miraflores station" (San Roque), and cross the border from Gibraltar, to Gibraltar the other day and unload products from Gibraltar companies.

Route: Sevilla - San Roque.

Google maps: ... 207394!3e0

0:00 - 1:18 Higway A66
1:20 - 1:56 We were unable to locate it but it is in "Seville".

---------------------------------------- SEVILLE -----------------------------------------------

1:57 Sevilla E-803 starting point for the Route itinerary ... 312!8i6656

2:02 electronic road information board ... 312!8i6656

2:19 Access to: Los Remédios, Triana, Isla (Island) de (of) La Cartuja ... 312!8i6656

3:03 Marker on the E-803 highway in the town of La Tablada, Seville. ... 312!8i6656

3:33 Highway E-803 marker. It allows access to the locality of "Los Remedios" and the "Porto Oeste" ("western port") in Seville. ... 312!8i6656

3:55 electronic road sign in operation ... 312!8i6656

4:00 previous bridge marker ... 312!8i6656

4:16 overpass marker before the bridge

Google maps: ... 312!8i6656

Street view: elevated road access to bridge. Below small industrial and logistics sector. ... 312!8i6656

Google Maps: elevated road access to bridge. Below small industrial and logistics sector. ... 312!8i6656

6: 14 Puente del Centenario (Bridge Centenary): view of river channel "Seville Bonanza", from the truck cabin at the time of the video is about the same as we can see in Street View. ... 312!8i6656

7:26 point that allows viewing on both sides of the channel "Seville Bonanza" - Puente del Centenario (Bridge Centenary): ... 312!8i6656

7:41 Road access: Bella Vista, Dos hermanas. That is why it is access that the truck transporting cargo to Gibraltar travels. (on video). ... 312!8i6656

8:01 Exit from access and entrance on highway A4 (E-5) ... 312!8i6656

9:10 Haribericas. Highway A4 (E-5)
Street view ... 312!8i6656

Site: facebook:

Resume: Milling capacity of +200,000 tons of wheat per year, had a 25,000 m² factory in Seville.
Products: and

a) Video: robotic system for storage of flour pallets:

b)Video: silo cleaning:

1. Entrance Haribericas company. outbound entry of trucks with grains, and finished products for wholesale distribution. ... 312!8i6656

2. Entrance Haribericas company. probably: input deposit. ... 312!8i6656

Truck company:
photo 1: ... ericas.jpg

photo 2: ... 0002704604

photo 3: ... 312!8i6656

photo 4: ... 312!8i6656

9:31 River Guadaira ... 312!8i6656

------------------------- Jerez ------------------------------------

9:45 Highway A4 (E-5)
The road signs informs: Access to - the Jerez automobile circuit and the airport. ... 312!8i6656

Viveros Los Cántaros. Site:
Products: Retail trade of: flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, fruit trees, shrubs, nuts.

10:34 It is possible to see in the image the access curve for the A-382 highway. A-382 highway allows access to the race track: "Jerez circuit". ... 312!8i6656

11:51 Highway overpass A2003. Near village: Estella del Marqués ... 312!8i6656

---------------------------- SAN ROQUE --------------------------------------------------

12:27 Acess Los Cartijillos ... 312!8i6656

13:06 itinerary road marker ... 312!8i6656

15:42 Acess San Roque (West) Guadarranque. Acess Playa Guadarranque, Acess Yacimiento Arqueológico Romano Carteia\ Enclave Arquelógico Carteia, Torre del Rocadillo ... 312!8i6656

15:59 Access that allows the return to the highway A 7 (N 340) to access the fuel station "Estación de Servicio Miraflores" - RIPSOL. and rest area. It also allows access to the industrial park of "San Roque" and tourist attraction (monument) "Enclave Arquelógico Carteia", "Yacimiento Arqueológico Romano Carteia", "Torre del Rocadillo" ... 312!8i6656

15:58 Converging return on the highway the A7 highway (N340). ... 312!8i6656

16:34 Accessing the A7 highway (N340). Signpost for tourist access "Archaeological Enclave Carteia" ... 312!8i6656

16:44 Indicative Arabic sign (ferry ticket sales point between Spain and Morocco). ... 312!8i6656

16:58 Estación de Servicio Miraflores.Informative road sign. Start of access to: "Estação Miraflores" - Ripsol. ... 312!8i6656

Estación de Servicio Miraflores: Entrance (Street view) ... 312!8i6656

VideoEstación de Servicio Miraflores :
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Medical Products Route and Dudley Ward Way Tunnel.

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------------- Medical Products Route and Dudley Ward Way Tunnel ------------------------------

The following route shows the route taken by transport trucks that take medical supplies to the most important hospital in Gibraltar.
This knowledge can be used when necessary to make the map of Gibraltar for the DLC Iberia (the system of loads to the territory).
The Tunnel is very demanding of trucker skills, and has a maximum height of 4 meters for cargo traffic: ... 312!8i6656
The most challenging point for the truck driver who transports medical materials and any other cargo (which are destined for the hilly and historic area where the hospital is by reference) is really the exit - Dudley Ward Way Tunnel and Europa Advanced Road at the exact point:
Exit - Dudley Ward Way Tunnel. Link:, ... 312!8i6656

Route: ... 193073!3e0

It is important to note that the "Dudley Ward" tunnel, there is a great risk that the cargo trailer will be "jammed" (the trailer is stuck in the tunnel on its sides or roof). This is one of the challenging things for the driver's skill in this tunnel in Gibraltar; perfect traffic without "getting stuck". ... .52.02.jpg
Truck being pulled out of the tunnel. ... .52.07.jpg
Trailer Sider: side and roof, end in destruction. ... .52.13.jpg
Trailer Sider: The rear of the trailer was also quite destroyed.

The risk of destruction to the truck trailer (suggestion) is very real, and for gaming purposes there is a future insertion of Gibraltar, in the game map of the Iberia DLC, in ETS2, the "Dudley Ward" tunnel must be inserted, between the traffic routes for trucks.

Reference: ... ay-through

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Re: pre search tips Gibraltar

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Hi Guys! If you ever need anything for Gibraltar and La Linea de la Concepcion, I am your man hahaha. I actually live in Gibraltar (I think the only person from Gibraltar on Eurotruck). I can take and provide any specific videos/photos. Also, if you are making this, the border crossing is crucial to get correct. There are 2 separate crossings : - one for Pedestrians + passenger cars. And another separate crossing 100metres to the right, which is for Commercial vehicles like Trucks. Also buses.

As I say, if you ever need anything about Gib or La Linea, just ask me. I would be incredibly happy if I could actually drive in Gibraltar in EuroTruck :D

Best wishes,
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Re: pre search tips Gibraltar

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Really the man we are looking for!

Why the Iberian peninsula is not complete without Gibraltar, and without Andorra and the Atlantic archipelagos of Portugal and Spain.

So the more information we can get from Gibraltar the better. Everything you think is important about the territory can be: videos, photos, knowledge of companies, types of products arriving in Gibraltar, types of products leaving Gibraltar, truck routes, historical landmarks that would be possible to be accessible and truckers, and things like that ...informations. Personally I have a great fascination as a geographer for small countries for several reasons.
And transport products from the United Kingdom to Gibraltar, products from Spain to Gibraltar, products from Portugal to Gibraltar, perhaps products from France ...
In the future we will have ferries with trucks and cargo from Morocco directly to Gibraltar, and cargo from Gibraltar to Morocco.

it's something interesting!


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