More AI vehicles to in ATS

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Re: More AI vehicles to in ATS

#11 Post by Tails » 14 Feb 2021 21:51

would be cool to see some shuttle vans near airports.

unmarked police cars would be another way of making things more challenging to watch out for.
like to explore new areas of maps for both ATS and ETS2.

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Re: More AI vehicles to in ATS

#12 Post by angrybirdseller » 21 Feb 2021 18:16

More pickup truck outside big urban areas and more hybirds along with luxury vehicles. Newer variant of the Ford Explorer along with some Rav-4 and Honda CRV also Toyota Corollas to Honda Civics. I think its okay to thrown in older pick-ups trucks from the early 90s to now as they still are work trucks.

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