Texas pre-research tips

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#201 Post by EthanE40 » 30 Apr 2021 04:43

TheTexanLadd wrote:
29 Apr 2021 10:33
TwinShadow wrote:
04 Mar 2019 07:54
The name is actually "Kum&Go", but I would not be too surprised to see SCS replace the K with a C, "due to copyright" and all...
I know this is an old comment, but there is another solution.

In some languages (possibly even English too), the letter 'Q' does make a similar sound to the letter 'K' and the letter 'C'. Basically, it could be 'Qum & Go', and I don't see any problems with it (both in terms of copyright, and adult implications).
flight50 wrote:
29 Apr 2021 13:23
That's still to close to the original name though. They have to change more than just one letter. They are better off calling it Go & Qum, QumGo or GoQum.
Maybe they should just name it Stop & Go? I know it's not very close but it's probably good enough.

Would also like to see them parody Casey's when they get to the midwest.

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#202 Post by TwinShadow » 01 May 2021 18:36

"Stop & Go" is a no go. It's the name of an auto parts shop and apparently a small chain for gyros. (well, sandwiches I guess) I'm sure SCS can think of something though when the time comes.
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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#203 Post by piefail » 05 May 2021 04:28

West texas is(or was, depending on if you want that in game) is a huge oil drilling area, Texan drivers do 5-10+ over the speed limit on the freeway at all times, and there is also some amazing BBQ to eat in cow town, Ft. Worth(that would be neat to have in game)

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#204 Post by flight50 » 05 May 2021 07:08

Oil is all over Texas actually. Texas is the no. 1 oil producing state in the US. SCS won't miss that. If you look on Google maps in satellite view, you'll see oil fields all over Texas beyond just the West. I'd imagine SCS picked up on that.

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#205 Post by djttcancer87 » 28 May 2021 01:11

Wanted to make notes on some areas in Texas -
Seminole, one of the first entrances where players will drive into Texas from the current game map.
1. Seminole's traffic signals have no signal on the vertical section of the pole. This goes for the intersections in nearby Lamesa and Brownfield, probably due to the Lubbock TXDOT district standard.
2. The left turn signal is a new, 4-light signal with the yellow blinking light.
3. To the very right of the image, there are signs for the truck route. Seminole uses 11th street and SW Ave G as a truck route, that connects East 180, South 385, FM 181, West 62-180, and North 214. These signs are marked with a yellow NOTICE plaque on the top. Trucks have to use this route as they cannot make turns at the congested, tight intersection in the center of Seminole. Trucks can still go straight through downtown as usual. I recommend the game includes this challenge.
4. This particular intersection on the west side of Seminole is busy with commerical activity (auto shops, hotel, fast food, and behind the picture is a well-known McDonalds and Phillips 66). The road is rough from the high traffic.
5. In the image, the highway going west from Seminole goes down the hill and back upwards. At the bottom of the draw is the intersection for Walmart (delivery destination). Up on the hill is the large building, the high school, and just beyond the hill is where the highway divides. In-person, this draw is much more noticeable.
6. The power lines in the center-right of the image is the common type of wooden pole used from Seminole to Lubbock area. The frame is wider.
7. In the image, there are billboards for casinos in New Mexico.
8. Further down the road, in the image, is a deer warning sign. Common all over the state.
9. At the Seminole walmart, Highway 214 is seen in the distance behind the store. There is currently a 6-way stop sign where 214 meets with two other streets, one of them being the assigned truck route in the image. 214 is used to get to NM.
10. The AI traffic should include lowered pickup trucks for this area.
This is US 87, south of Big Spring. One of the iconic views some players will see on their first drive into the interior of the state.
1. This is the southern end of the new bypass route that goes around Big Spring, which explains the freeway-style seen in the image.
2. The merging on-ramp's white lines end as seen in the lower right of the image. This pattern is seen just on the bypass route around Big Spring.
3. Overhead in the image are large power lines.
4. Beyond the hill, US 87 continues to be a large, wide road, with a portion of the road including a very wide center turn lane.
5. Wind turbines line the tops of the plateaus with mixed dark green and light green vegetation.

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#206 Post by djttcancer87 » 29 May 2021 05:12

Interstate 20 east of Big Spring - looking west at the city

1. The exit ramps on I-20 are very small, as shown in the picture with a 15 mph speed on the off ramp. They require a turn lane with the painted arrow in the lower right of the image.
2. The frontage roads are two-way, and require all the signs such as the yield, yield ahead (seen on the left). The frontage roads are directly next to the highway, and require the two-way, speed limit, all the normal signs seen on any other highway. Traffic entering or exiting the ramp has the right of way in all cases.
3. Behind the image is a massive oil refinery, the Big Spring refinery. This should be a delivery destination, and I-20 passes directly next to it. It's on top of the hill and seen from the whole area. There's an exit behind the image, to Refinery Road, a bridge over I-20 into the refinery. If FM-700 can't fit, that exit sign for FM-700 sitting on the pole next to the bridge could be for Business 20.
4. This particular mile of I-20 has concrete on the side, as seen in the image. It sits below the elevation of the hill, and the refinery itself. The frontage roads are on top of the concrete hill.
5. The median of I-20 and other highways have the string fencing, in the image. It can still be broken, but is designed to prevent trucks from crashing on the other side of the highway. There is a concrete strip that it sits on.
6. This portion of I-20 in the image was recently textured, and produces a loud noise when driving on it.
7. In the right of the image, there is a old, deteriorated building. This is numerous along this highway.
8. Also to the right of the image, is a Big Spring community events sign. I recommend that sign included in the game. There are many community signs at the entrances of every Texas town, for example, the rotary club, church of Christ, chamber of commerce, etc. Also, the Dairy Queen billboards are present, with directions on the sign, like "Left at 180/Second Light". This should go for other interactive truckstops in the game.
9. Down the road, there is the yellow "Watch for ICE on Bridge" sign. This is present at every highway bridge in Texas, even if it's just a drainage ditch, or it's on a Farm-to-Market road.
10. In the center of the image, on the horizon, there is the well-known Hotel Settles. That is the tall building that marks Big Spring. I highly recommend that it is specially detailed, and maybe used as one of the photo ops in the release of the DLC.

Notes on Big Spring: I recommend Business 20 through the city is included. It represents historical purpose and also it looks great.
Although a US 87 Bypass route was just opened, I say it shouldn't be included, as it's a really new and boring route. Business US 87 is far more interesting and better for the game, as the bypass may as well take up too much space for the map. SCS can just not insert any trace of the new bypass.
This is the junction of I-20 and FM 1788, directly in the center of the Midland-Odessa metroplex.

1. This particular interchange is unique, not found anywhere else. These are two-way frontage roads, upgraded for high-traffic. Usually they would be converted to one-way roads, but they're not. A very rural-style junction appropiated for high urban volumes of traffic. Like how SCS made the Albuquerque interchage, this is another special case.
With the two-way roads, traffic exiting the interstate has right-of way. This requires all the yield signs and is somewhat confusing for out-of-towners. This should stay that way in the game.
3. The traffic signals up ahead are large, and have the street light on top of all four poles.
4. In the image, is the massive Main Street Market. This is a special truckstop for SCS to design. This particular intersection is somewhat the nucleus of the Permian Basin.
5. The assortment of trucks and cars in this image perfectly represents the traffic of West Texas. The reason they're all painted white is how they're company-owned vehicles.
6. Triangles/shark teeth are used on the road for the yields. Seen in the image.
7. The yield sign has a TO RAMP plaque below it.
8. I see yellow reflective dots on the road, lining the stripe. Looks to be used for the particular junction.
9. To the right of the image, is a blue camping sign, and there are small signs for the Airport and UTPB engineering building (Green) and the museum and Vietnam memorial (Brown).
10. There are specific areas all throughout that are not filled with buildings, just plain grassy areas. Like to the right of the image.
This is Business Route 20, different from the Interstate 20. It directly parallels I-20 through Midland and Odessa; it follows the railroad, and is the older, historical route.

1.This image is by the Midland International Air and Space Port. Highly recommended, in fact, it should the main focus of this area, aside from the oil and gas businesses. It's still called a "space port" although there are no current space activites. The airport is licensed to do space flights, but the company that would do spaceflights failed or something. Maybe SCS can use this as a destination to deliver spaceflight cargo.
The airport campus has a USPS distrubution center, Frito-Lay distribution center, and aviation hangers to deliver to.
2. This particular section of Business 20 has extra detail, as the highway is carved into the ground up ahead in the image as an underpass. La Force Blvd crosses over the road, along with an old, defunct railroad bridge. Mounted on the railroad bridge is the exit sign for FM 1788. After that, it also passes under the high bridge for FM 1788 itself, along with another lower bridge for the connector.
3. There is a brown exit sign for the Commemorative Air Force museum.
4. In the image, the yellow height limit sign is mounted on the frame next to the exit 1/2 mile sign.
5. The pavement for Business 20 is a new dark seal, but for the underpass, it is lighter, old freeway pavement.
6. The on-ramp and its lines are much longer than the SCS prefabs in the current game.
7. The airport runways itself are seen on Business 20. Very large airport, with the tower and the runway lights seen at night. It's also a very large plain; looking north, it should be the terminals, the runways, and pumpjacks in the distance. The airport fence lines the road.
8. Just back east on the highway is the National Weather Service radar dome and office. Included as part of the airport area. Could be a special delivery destination for delivering a new radar dome or the parts for it.
9. Business 20 has special pine(?) and juniper trees lining the road through here.
10. The overhead signs include the icons for State 349 and FM 1788. An example of how they're both white squares, but do not resemble the real shield.
This is the iconic view of Midland.

1. Some of these buildings are abandoned and quiet. Downtown is not as vibrant as other cities in the game.
2. Large, empty parking lots sit between the railroad and the downtown skyscrapers.
3. This is Business Hwy 349, that passes under the railroad and Business 20. Direct road from the interstate into downtown, besides Business 20.
4. The bail bonds places are common throughout Midland/Odessa.
5. Sign poles have a reflective piece, halfway up the pole. as on the Do Not Enter sign in the image.
6. There is a NO BICYCLES sign on the right side, just before the underpass.
7. There's the Arrested? billboard ahead, up beside Business 20, included in the view of the skyline.
Loop 338 on the west side of Odessa

1. This is the highway lining the west edge of Odessa. I recommend using this road, as it is used to get around Odessa; an alternative to US 385. Also collects traffic from State 302, if that even makes it in the game.
2. Loop 338 was given a seal maintenace, in strips, seen in the image. This should be the texture of this particular road, from I-20 to just past the exit for Hwy 302.
3. The median has a small fence with wooden poles topped with yellow reflectives, and the mesquite trees in the center.
4. Pumpjacks are seen off this road, in the left of the image.
5. This road is a loose freeway that has a turnoff to Walmart, as in the image.
6. Powerlines separate the Walmart and the highway.
7. No Parking signs are placed along the highway shoulder, seen in the image.

Notes on Midland-Odessa:
As I-20 is guranteed, I recommend that all of the Business Route 20 is also added, going through both downtowns. With limited scale, I suggest that the only north-south roads should be the West Loop 338, FM 1788/SH 349, and the East Loop 250. Cut out the east loop of Odessa and cut out the west loop of Midland.
More likely, if space doesn't allow, Midland-Odessa's north-south route could just be FM 1788. 1788 would then split off to 158 (to 385) and 349. I don't suggest 1788 south of the interstate. So it could be I-20 and Business 20, with 1788 going north and US 385 going south, at different points along the interstate. SH 158 will go southeast from Midland, a trunk route to San Angelo.
1788 includes the airport.

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Re: Texas pre-research tips

#207 Post by RushCars24ID » 21 Jul 2021 11:32

So, I'm new here, I've been followed SCS Software's development for a very long time. I don't have both official copies of ATS and ETS 2 yet, but only the downloaded versions of them (well, pirates) which I have plans to get rid of them soon after I've bought the official copies of those two aforementioned games, I'm having a tough time for years on saving up some money to buy ATS and ETS 2. So, I don't online here much often in a result of that but I can visit this site anytime for bringing ideas and suggestions for future DLCs, as well checking out some mods (maybe, suggesting what will improve and what bug I've encountered).

Introduction aside, going on-topic to Texas, since an user named @flight50 already mentioned these two places for a few times, but never been before there was a much detailed post for those two places, and that is the two automotive production plants in Texas, namely the General Motors' Arlington Plant and Toyota's San Antonio plant. Since GM and Toyota are copyrighted, then y'all need to think about a fictional name for these two car companies for the game.

General Motors Arlington Plant - Sometimes referred to as GM Arlington Manufacturing Complex, General Motors opened this plant back in 1954 to assemble automobiles (and formerly, aircrafts), it replaces the Trinity Park plant located in Fort Worth, which was closed in 1924 due to flood control taxes, thanks to the 1922 Trinity River flooding incident. The Chevrolet Motor Company Building replaced the Trinity Park plant from 1923 to 1935 and was replaced by this Arlington plant in the early 1950s, which was much more advanced. The factory measures around on 5.75 million square-foot on 250 acres and currently have over 4,000 employees. It resides next to the TX-360, which that is something needs to be implemented to the game, as it can be usable to get around the factory. Today, the plant currently produces GM's full-size SUVs, now in its T1XX generation, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade.


Map coordinates: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gener ... g?hl=en-US

Current vehicles they are producing:

If we can find a good candidate car as a cargo to haul from the Arlington plant, as well being spawn as AI traffic cars, then it would be probably either those four vehicles. I could think that would be better if SCS should bring all the four siblings to the game. We've already seen the GMT900 generation of GM's Full-Size SUV family in the game, but only the Cadillac Escalade appears, while the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, and GMC Yukon are absence, so this is probably a good chance for them bringing the whole T1XX SUVs siblings to the game for some good variety.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, Inc (TMMTX) - It all started in 2002, where Toyota Motor Corporation are looking for a new assembly plant to build the then-new second generation Toyota Tundra pickup truck. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee were initially the other candidates for the new 2,000,000-square-foot plant, but Toyota went with Texas with a 2,000-acre site, located on the far south side of San Antonio. In October 2003, they broke ground at the new plant site. The construction took four years to finish. In November 2006, the TMMTX plant was opened with the first new Tundra pickup trucks rolled off the line. According to one Toyota executive, they called the launch of the second-generation Tundra as the 'single biggest and most important launch in Toyota's 50-year U.S. history.' So far, the Tundra is still currently build in this plant as of today with the fourth generation coming this year, soon it will be joined by the Sequoia, the SUV counterpart of the Tundra, in 2022. This plant was also used to built the Tacoma pickup after the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, California (which is where the Tacoma previously build) got closed in 2010 and Toyota moved the Tacoma production to this plant, but since then, Toyota moved the whole Tacoma production to Mexico, namely Baja California and Guanajuato.


Map coordinates: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Toyot ... 98.5410664

And their current vehicle they are producing thought this day is already obvious, the Tundra:

Now, there's going to be a fourth generation Tundra coming this year, but I'd deemed it is still too new for the in-game AI traffic variety here, so I'd recommended to opt for the third generation model for both cargo and AI traffic models. It should be the current facelifted 2018-2021 model, although the older pre-facelift 2014-2017 models are still much more common to see on the U.S. roads (although, it might be a gimmick if you choose that one), but again, it's up to you.

(Also, I wanted if I do apologize that I didn't included the new and upcoming Tesla Gigafactory Texas in Austin in this post, probably another time)

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