[REWORK] 2020 Map dlc's - Idaho & Colorado

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Re: [REWORK] 2020 Map dlc's - Idaho & Colorado

#11 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2021 17:58

We can definitely do without US-160. I don't see SCS skipping on US-385 from Lamar to Amarillo those. Springfield, Colorado has a small truckstop that should make the game. US-54 is never intersects til after Liberal (US-83). I don't see US-56 being valid so US-160 and US-54 into Southern Kansas is my thought. We have US-50 running parallel as well. Butt yes, it can easily be skipped.

US-160 from Raton 241 miles 4 hrs 1 mins. If gas consumption and time is a factor, US-160 is better.
Liberal than taking US-87 to US-54 263 miles 4 hrs 16 mins

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Re: [REWORK] 2020 Map dlc's - Idaho & Colorado

#12 Post by GT182 » 06 Oct 2021 16:09

How about adding the Continental Divide from Idaho to New Mexico? We seem to be lacking it in those states. Tho there is some of it in Colorado. It's not as flat as SCS thinks. ;)

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Re: [REWORK] 2020 Map dlc's - Idaho & Colorado

#13 Post by rbsanford » 12 Oct 2021 03:31

We have the Great Divide, it just isn't marked in most places, and in others the summit either isn't there (the crossings of WY 28, US 24, US 84, US 64, I-40; to be fair, these highways have low crossings IRL, which is why that first one was used so often for wagon trails) or doesn't feel high enough (Togwotee Pass). US 89/191/287 cross the Divide three times between Yellowstone's South Gate and Old Faithful, but in the game there's just a grade up the plateau. Missing summits in general is an issue, like with US 191 over the Tavaputs Plateau, and how, at Soldier Summit, the Price just becomes the Spanish Fork; but maybe I'm thinking too geologically.

Something that occurred to me today was Colorado peaches. These very popular and dangerously juicy fruits are grown in the Grand Valley (IRL near Palisade, but in the game they could be at Fruita), so not having a Sunshine Crops orchard in Grand Junction that had the chance of exporting this cargo was a missed opportunity. I've been doing some research on Colorado for a project, and something else I've found was that eastern Colorado is a big source of proso millet (used as animal/bird feed and a gluten-free grain); half the proso millet in the US is sourced from there (about 7.3 million bushels), so there's another crop that could come into play.
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