Wyoming pre-research tips

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Re: Wyoming pre-research tips

#71 Post by flight50 » 26 Nov 2020 14:20

I am seriously hoping that although, SCS can't physically come to Wyoming this go around (not that I'd think they would for this state) but I hope that team Colorado can help with their experience since they did come here. Yes, its a totally different state they came to research but with a topography map, Google references, youtube videos (the typical references), I just hope Wyoming can get the elevations its has in the places where its needed. Wyoming can't afford misses like Idaho and Utah if people are to buy it so quickly. I'm really not buying the we can't at 1:20 scale anymore when it comes to squeezing in elevations. Colorado is perhaps the worst one to pull it off and the devs made it look easy. I am sure it wasn't by any means but great job. To for Wyoming and for any state of this matter, elevation matters.

I hope we finish out the West strong in regards to terrain and landscaping designing them. Wyoming and Montana are gorgeous natural states and quality wise, I am confident SCS will do great but depicting these environments is a little of a concern. I've mention it a few times but the West is all about "elevation". Oh did I mention the West has lots of elevation :D.

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