Montana pre-research tips
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Montana: 9 wind farms

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Good morning today we will not say too little.
We will only present 9 locations where there is wind energy production in the state of Montana in the United States.

I believe that there must be many other places, but what I managed to research for this. I hope it is useful.

By the way, much of this material for these Montana projects is manufactured in a very distant state, in: Iowa.
Researching I identified two methods of transporting the materials to the wind farms producing energy in the state.
1. the first method is traditional road haulage based on this Iowa state plant.

2. the second method of transport by rail to a city in the state of Montana, where the special railroad wagons are transferred or transferred from the wind blades to the transport trucks. Use of cranes in the transfer of wind load.
Then trucks transport to the final assembly destination. This is also true for concrete towers, and all other parts of the wind towers and their turbines.

1. stillwater wind plant, Reed Point, MT
31 turbines
Localization, ... a=!3m1!1e3 ... a=!3m1!1e3

2. Farm wind energy, Lindsay, MT
Project ( map): ... nsmission/
map: ... erview.jpg

3. Ranch Haymaker, Haymaker Wind Project, Twodot, MT
300 - 500 megawatts
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3 ... 312!8i6656 ... l-montana/

4. Judith Gap wild farm, Judith Gap ,MT
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
135 megawatts

City: Judith Gap:

5. Pryor Mountain Wind da PacifiCorp , Bridger, MT
Objective construction: 114 turbines
240 megawatts
Route transport: station rail, Laurel - Pryor Mountain Wind da PacifiCorp, Bridger.
Pacificorp estimates that there will be about 100 truckloads per week of equipment, totaling about 1,140 trucks for the entire project.
References: ... 59d17.html ... 919a7.html

6. Glacier Wind Farm, Ethridge, MT.
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3 ... 384!8i8192
Objective construction: 140 turbinas
210 megawatts
Reference: ... 7f190.html
Park nature:

7. Rim Rock NaturEner USA, LLC.
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Objective construction: 206 turbinas
309 megawatts
Video village:

8. Caithness Beave Creek, wind farm, Rapelje, MT
Caithness Beaver Creek plans to build four 80-megawatt wind farms near Rapleje
Reference: ... 106.htmler

9. Gold Wind Musselshell Wind Farm, MT

--- Factory ---
West Branch, Iowa, USA.
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3

-- Special Unit - Wind Turbine Blades. Train power moving future wind power --
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Re: Montana Blackhawk - Tactical equipment

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Gallatin Valley Manufacturing
Ttoday we are going to present through this small survey one of the main companies in the state of Montana. The company integrates a kind of consortium of important industries in one of the main valleys or regions ( Gallatin Valley ) of the state. The most important tactical equipment and apparel manufacturer in the United States; Blackhawk Group.
Gallatin Valley Manufacturing video:
Companies: Quantel Laser, Simms Fishing Products, Spark R&D, TowHaul, and West Paw.

1.0 Blackhawk
Leading US manufacturer of; tactical, military, shooting and law enforcement equipment, based in Norfolk, Virginia.
Headquartered in Kansas under the umbrella of outdoor brand conglomerate Vista Outdoor, Blackhawk! operates manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Montana and Idaho. The company was founded in 1993 by a Navy Seal and has been in Montana since 2004.
Production industry: tactical equipment (for Armed Forces police forces) shooting, military sports, civil self defense.

Reference: ... 03286.html

1.1 Manhattan, MT
research and development, manufacturer of: of Holsters and high-performance tactical gun butts.

Street view:
vision perspective for the factory. Highway I-80 to ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192, ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192
Perspective close to the factory ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192, ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192 ... 384!8i8192

City: Manhattan, MT. (videos):

1.2 Bozeman, MT

1.3 Southport, NC
Manufacturer of: battering rams, reinforced lock cutters. ... b0955.html

1.4 Post Falls, ID
factory of: articles of clothing, tactical clothing.
Localization: ... 328!8i1664
Street view: ... 384!8i8192
Reference: ... b0955.html ... foHTlF7zO/

1.5 Boise, ID
The factory, in almost 100,000 square feet of space (rented). Manufacture of: bulletproof vests, nylon holsters and products for hunters and top sportsmen.
Reference: ... b0955.html

1.6 Meridian, ID
Reference: ... ian-plant/

1.0 Blackhawk, Norfolk, Va.
Localization: ... 16.3505512

Street view: ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656
Reference: ... b0955.html

Comment: During the research it was quite difficult to find this information, and the theoretical location of the factories of this company.

It must also be said that; I'm not entirely sure if the Bozeman, MT, plant is still in operation.
I understand from the translation of the news (reference) the factory was closed and the equipment moved to Manhattan, MT.

Either way, it's a good research tip for this Manhattan factory to be in the game.

These types of products (colderes and others) are sold in several stores in the United States, in large chain stores.

Because as we know in the United States, access to the possession and possession of weapons is very easy (one of the factors of being a safe country for civilians).
Tactical equipment can be divided into accessible to civilian citizens and another accessible governmental category (army and police).

Tactical products:

Authorized resellers:

So it would be a new innovation in the game with new types of products to ATS for some large chain stores in the world "U.S.A -ATS".

This small Manhattan city can be a scenic city.
The factory must be a playable place.
Because it is very close to the highway, and very far from the largest city in Montana nearby which is Bozman city.

And it has good connections with the I-80 highway.
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Re: 10 Ranchs Manhattan - Montana.

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Listed below are 10 ranches in the city of Manhattan in the state of Montana

Highlight beef cattle breeding cracks, and its main destination is for sale at cattle auctions (for other breeders). Selling to refrigerators in smaller quantities.
Milk production also stands out. Soon we will make another post, talking about specialized agricultural farms, and mixed farms (agriculture associated with cattle breeding).

As you can see from the Google Maps images, the region stands out for the existence of irrigation and in livestock there is a demand for feed and hay.
Meat Cattle ranchs: ... a=!3m1!1e3

Milk Cattle Ranch: ... a=!3m1!1e3

-- Turism - rent house --

1. Gallatin River Ranch

2.Twin Rivers Ranch

-- Cattle meat --

3. "4KCattle Company"

4. Churchill Cattle Co.
Cattle hereford

5. Dyk & Sons Land & Cattle

6. Feddes Herefords

7. Feddes Red Angus Ranch

8. Klompien Red Angus

9. "B-3 Farms & Custom Feeding"
https://b-3-farms-custom-feeding.busine ... al#summary
9.2 B-3 Farms Cor - silage
9.3 B-3 Farms Ag-bagging

-- Cattle milk --
10. Plain Vista Dairy
Facebook: ... 089230733/
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7 Farms , Manhattan, MT

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Agriculture - Manhattan, MT, U.S.A

Good night!

Today we are going to share the promised bit of Agriculture in the city of Manhattan, MT, a large producer of potato seeds that is exported to several American states and also some countries in the world.

Link number 1 and link number 2 below tell a story of the city of Manhattan in terms of economic and agricultural development.

2 ... al_history

Link 3 and link 4 are related to the US government's agriculture statistics for the state of Montana and its counties.
3 ... n-2018.pdf

4 ... /index.php

In summary, the economy of this southwestern region of the state of Montana is based on the production of seed potatoes with crop rotation of: wheat, corn, soy (in lesser quantities). Hay production is also very important. Because the region is home to a large herd of beef and dairy cattle. Sheep are now in far fewer numbers than in the past.
Barley production has been very important in the past in the region for the production of beer today the potato is being used for the production of beverages in the region.
It is also important to mention that the city of Manhattan, MT, is the potato producing capital in the state of Montana, it is also considered the national capital of the United States in the production of potato seeds, especially in its districts of Amsterdam and Churchill. In these districts we will even find dealers of agricultural machinery, and they are well developed and urbanized districts.

"Potato shipments are shipped to producers in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska and Wisconsin." The Associated Press March 22, 2007.
Link: ... bda62.html

Farmers in southwest Montana planted 5,500 acres of potatoes in 2007, producing about 180 million pounds in the harvest, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. In 2019 it registered an area of 10,440 acres.
reference ... bda62.html

So we must hypothetically admit that the total potato production for 2019 in Montana was approximately 360 millionof pounds.

This document shows in more detail the companies in the state of Montana that produce seed potatoes.
This allows SCS Software to create the potato seed market for the ATS game in more detail. ... 20copy.pdf

Some countries to which potato seed produced in the state of Montana are exported include: Thailand, South Korea, Nicaragua Brazil.
To follow the news from the world of Agriculture in the production of potatoes, and also seed potatoes.
Potato machinery, innovations and scientific research. It is always good for SCS Software to be following, to update its games in the aspect of agriculture and cargo trade, it is the specific newspaper of potato producers in the world, link:
with such weight in the economy of the Southwestern State of Montana the cultivation of Potato also ended up winning its own cultural festival in the city of Manhattan;
Potato Festival - Manhattan, MT . Reference:

-- Potato farms --
The Southwestern region of Montana from the point of view of Agriculture is a transition zone to the specialized areas of wheat in the State. The region is heavily influenced by the state of Idaho in the agricultural sense. The link below has a PDF explaining the history of potato cultivation in the state of Montana.
PDF reference: ... 0copy2.pdf

"In the Gallatin Valley, potato farmers sell seed to other farmers, who then grow potatoes to be sold to processors". SCHWEDELSON, Paul, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Apr 24, 2020.

1. Dyk Seed Potatoes LLC,Churchill, Manhattan, MT.
Reference: ... ee2f7.html
Potato types. Reference: ... atoes-llc/

2. Kamps Seed Farm, Manhattan, MT.
Reference: ... 3da14.html
potato types. Reference: ... seed-farm/

3. Schutter Seed Farm, Manhattan, MT.
Potato types. Reference: ... -farm-inc/

4. Kimm Brothers Farms, Manhattan, MT.
Reference: ... 0f7ac.html

4.1 Potato Planting:

4.2 Potato harvest:

4.3 Corn and Soybean Planting:

4.4 Wheat harvest:

4.5 Wheat harvest:

5. Montana Corn Maze, Manhattan, MT.

5.1 Video:

5.2 Video:

5.3 Video:

References: ... o-covid-19 ... -corn-maze

For more information on other corn mazes in the state of Montana see the notes at the end of the post.

6. "Medicine Pouch Farm", Manhattan, MT.
11724 Amsterdam Rd
Reference: ... 6e822.html
Photos: ... rdam-road/

7. "Dry Hills Distillery farms"
We decided to adopt this fictitious name, above to better present below the 2 potato production farms, for beverage production in Bozeman, MT.

7.1 Droge farms LLC, Manhattan, MT.
Main farm in the company that makes potato-based distilled "Dry Hills Distillery", drinks for the production of vodka.

7.2 London Hills Farm LLC, Harrison, MT.
potato types. Reference: ... ills-farm/
Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3
Reference of Localization: ... 0533113943

In the reference below we have the name of the two farms of the beverage manufacturing company itself, and are properly located above.
Reference: ... -hills.php
The location of the distillery is shown in the link below:
Link: ... 111.188029

The general reference for more information about the beverage manufacturer is below:
Link: ... -hills.php

So my game tip is that the city may be represented perhaps as a scenery city.
Playable items:
1 industry - tactical equipment.
1 or 2 beef cattle farms.
1 milk farm.
2or 3 potato seed farms.
Below are two research references that served to make this short series about the city of Manhattan, Montana.
a) ... 11.3605976

b) ... 11.2798148


NOTES: More Corn Maze in Montana:

5.4 Field of Screams, US 93, Victor, MT,
Localization: ... 14.1476274

5.5 Applestem Inc Corn Maze or Applestem Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch, Craig Frontage Rd, Craig, MT. Located close to the highway I-15.
Localization: ... 11.9543219

For the location of all corn mazes in the United States of America this information is available at the following link:
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Lake Flathead is located in the state of Montana, in the United States. It has an area of almost 500km², is the largest freshwater nature reserve in the country.
Video Lake Lake Flathead and Marines:

- BPA Kerr Substation and visit point: ... a=!3m1!1e3
00:00 - 0:15. 0:33 - 01:05

- Point Salish Park & Polson Boat Rentals.
0:16 - 0:20. 0:26 - 0:32
Link: ... a=!3m1!1e3

- Flathead river
01:06 - 1:50

- visit point - Kerr Dam Overlook Trailhead
01:51 - 02:00

- Kwataqnuk Resort & Casino, city drone view
02:11 - 02:42

- Lake view apartaments & Flathead Boat Company, drone view lake and city.
02:43 -02:59
Link: ... 312!8i6656

- Pier of Polson Boat Rentals & Kwataqnuk Resort & Casino
3:00 -3:07

- Boettcher Park & Port Polson Players Theatre
03:08 - 03:37
Link: ... a=!3m1!1e3

- Somers Park e North Flathead Yacht Club
03:38 - 05:00. 06:06 - 6:20
Link: ... a=!3m1!1e3

- Outlook Inn Bed & Breakfast - Coyote Bluff Estate. Cenic drone view.
The area filmed by the drone delimits the area between these two accommodation locations.
05:01 - 06:05
Link: ... 14.2615944

Salish-Kootenai Dam, formerly Kerr Dam, Polson Montana, Flathead Indian Reservation

00:00 Localization: ... a=!3m1!1e3

0:16 - 0:24 Bull Island ,Lttle Bull island (does not appear in this excerpt video) Minor Islands form the Archipelago of The Narrows.

0:46 - 3:26 Bird Islands

16:03 - 18:25 aerial drone return -
This is the position to which the video Drone returns ... a=!3m1!1e3

Parking area US-93: This is the point that can be used for the player (trucker) to park his truck and trigger (an innovative feature) a drone and explore the island, seeking to find wild horses. ... 312!8i6656

scenic view to island ... 312!8i6656

Ideal point for creating a truck paradise (gravel or earth floor area). It seems that this function in real life.
This would allow the player to explore the island with the drone and try to see the wild horses. ... 3312!8i665

Island walk and filmed scenes of the island's wild horses:

A little about the island that is close to the US - 93 highway. It has some videos you can also see its sister island Cedar island and also the small Rock Island.
1 Construction

2 Construction of the completed property

3 The interior of the mansion

4 Local news reporting
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Route: Polson - Kalispell

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Route: Polson - Kalispell
Today we are going to present a short video that can be very good as research because it presents a bit of the route of the US-93 highway.
The most important cities on the west bank of Lake Flathead, is the second city of Polson Lakeside.
The U-S93 road route connects the city of Missoula to the city of Kalispell.
Other small towns deserve to be highlighted as scenery cities in "ATS: DLC - Montana", among the cities on the west bank of the lake, the city of Polson has more economic activities, and some are very interesting. We will talk more in a future post about this city.

Time video: 30:52
Time real route: 57 minutes Distance: 52,3 miles
Route:, ... 48.1919889

Interesting things itinerary -SCENIC POINT VIEWS and others.
1. Scenic - Scenic point view
Localization ... a=!3m1!1e3
Street view ... 312!8i6656

18: 43 - Scenic point view Deep Bay
Localization ... a=!3m1!1e3
Street view ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656

21:28 police point - Lakeside
Localization ... 312!8i6656

Route: Lakeside - Kalispell and return to Kalispell.
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Re: Polson city

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--- 1 --- Polson - (Drone view)
In this video you can view the following locations:

01:42 - 01:50 - North Lake County Public Library ... 312!8i6656

01:42 - 01:50 - Fiesta En Jalisco ... 312!8i6656

01:42 - 01:50 - Verizon Authorized Retailer – GoWireless ... 312!8i6656

01:51 - Fire station (urban)
Facebook: ... 24x576.jpg

01:51 - Polson City Hall ... y-Hall.jpg

02: 01 - Lake City Bakery & Eartery ... 312!8i6656

02:01 - Flathead Cherry Festival ( graffiti on the wall - event advertising). ... 312!8i6656

02:05 - Station Fuel Conoco ... 312!8i6656

02:23 CSKT Natural Resources
Products: Brand Clothing and Made in Montana Items, Jewelry, Formal and Wedding Dresses, and Gifts.
Site: ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656

02:33 - 02:48 - United States Postal Service ... 312!8i6656
This establishment could be playable for the Montana DLC map due to the existence of a company that manufactures products for beekeeping.
These materials are sold to the entire country of the United States and also to Canada, to serve small beekeepers with smaller quantities and volume shipments.

02:50 - 3:00 - Lake County Court House ... 312!8i6656
Beautiful symbolic building of the city

03:10 US Indian Health & Fidelity Title Agency of Lake, United States Postal Service ... 312!8i6656
The two buildings are neighbors separated only by a street as is very evident in the video and also in Street View the highlight for these two buildings is in their design.

03:21 - NAPA Auto Parts - Polson Auto Parts ... 312!8i6656
Very beautiful and also iconic building on the US-93 highway in the city's urban perimeter.

03:21 - First Interstate Bank ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656 ... 312!8i6656
Also an iconic building on the US-93 highway on the city's urban perimeter.

03:43 - Hotel I Motel (?) " Flathead "
This establishment has a long history related to the city. Very old photos lead to the conclusion that the current configuration was the effect of modernization and expansion of the accommodation location. The only doubt that remains if in the category establishment: Hotel, Motel or sidential today. Its architecture is very attractive.

03:52 - drone view Lake Flathead.
The video ends with beautiful images of the lake in the city.

--- Polson Bay Golf Course ---- (Drone view)
This is a very beautiful place, we were able to find images that can collaborate to create an Urban map, even if scenic with greater accuracy.

Note: soon this post will be updated to have some more add-ons for the city and also the Economic part.

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

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With Cripple Creek coming to ATS in the Colorado dlc, this would be nice as well. Its right off I-90.


Unfortunately, Berkeley Pit in Butte is no longer in service. But it can be scenic at least off I-15 in a few locations. Pretty much like the copper mind is in Clifton, Az.




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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#49 Post by Bedavd » 02 Nov 2020 19:55

Isn't Berkley Pit just a lake of horribly corrosive acid now?
Check out my Michigan research map!

Check out my ATS IRL map!
*Colorado added! LA, and San Diego are unmapped out of protest for their future rework*

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