Montana pre-research tips

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#21 Post by Unknown# » 11 Feb 2019 16:47

How about police cars from Great Falls and Helena (specifically those cities since they've appeared in almost all of the 18WoS titles) and Montana state patrol?
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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#22 Post by rbsanford » 02 Mar 2019 06:48

While exploring in Google Maps, I just came across a rather interesting landmark: Our Lady of the Rockies, Montana's answer to Christ the Redeemer. This is the fourth-tallest statue in the US, and stands over 3000 feet above Butte from the Great Continental Divide. As seen from I-90 where I-15 splits off to the north, the colossus is just a speck, although it stands in contrast with the mountain ridge and is lit at night.

You could dedicate an entire post to Butte. It's one of the largest cities in the state, in a key location, and is very industrial and historic, making it a shoo-in for inclusion in ATS. I just found this detail particularly neat.
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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#23 Post by supersobes » 07 Apr 2019 00:04

(Quote referring to BigRigTravels)
Kraake wrote:
27 Nov 2018 20:37
He's a legend! Some of his videos are really useful.

BigRigTravels has asked an interesting question. He said that since his broadcasts are helpful to the research for ATS, he was wondering if he could have some sort of shoutout or credit given to from ATS. In an email to me, he wrote:
BigRigSteve wrote:Since ATS learns and gets research from my broadcasts, perhaps they could put as a credit? Ok if not, but never hurts to ask lol.

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#24 Post by Jbte » 07 Apr 2019 01:17

A "must see" area in Montana would be the Glacier National park with its famous road "Going to the sun", in my opinion, it's the most scenic road in the continental US. Of course, this road is restricted to commercial traffic but there can be exceptions for players to get into the road as like it was in Tioga Pass in game.
This road is located here;

A big excuse to use this road would be a road construction for like a mud or rock slide, repaving of current road conditions, or even a special cargo construction for maybe a new tourist attraction like a glass skywalk in a dangerous area (fictional deliver), there are many greats ideas to give a special usage to this road even if not for commercial traffic.

Hope SCS map makers get this place most impressive possible with huge mountain cliffs and vertical drops, if not included or made properly me as a map modder I'm more than willing to do this road and I have been to this place twice recently I perfectly know of what areas to recreate 1:1 in the current game scale. If SCS needs my help I can do it, if not I'll later do it as a mod.

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#25 Post by jeremyj621 » 19 May 2019 07:49

The First Interstate Center in downtown Billings, Montana is the tallest building in a five-state area. Just a couple blocks down the street stands the Doubletree Inn by Hilton. When it was built in 1980, it was declared the tallest brick building in the world by the Brick Institute of America, and is currently the second tallest building in the Rocky Mountain region (it was first tallest until the First Interstate Center was built). The image shows a panoramic view of downtown Billings with the Doubletree easily seen on the left, and the First Interstate Center on the right.
Billings Panorama.jpg

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#26 Post by devrygrad09 » 20 May 2019 00:52

US Airforce Base Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#27 Post by Unknown# » 20 Jun 2019 11:02

18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2 had a Montana location you could do deliveries in. The road in question in MT-200, and the major town that is featured in that particular location in the game is Thompson Falls.

I do wonder if it would make it to ATS. It'd be interesting to drive on such a challenging route.

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#29 Post by Larry71490 » 29 Aug 2019 02:07

@TexanHusky. I drove that road a couple weeks go to my delivery in ponderay, Idaho. Very scenic and relaxing.

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Re: Montana pre-research tips

#30 Post by Jbte » 05 Sep 2019 04:21

My personal gallery of photos of Montana;

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