Idaho pre-research tips

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#31 Post by flight50 » 26 Nov 2019 02:28

@Jbte. Nice pics. I think I noticed a few pics from US-93 on White Bird Summit. I can see lots of good elevation changes.

@saur44l. I love that White Bird video. I found it a few weeks ago and I am totally stoked about White Bird mountain.

Idaho will have to good scenery. Good thing SCS has been working on solving scenes in the distance. Baked in landscapes is definitely the way to go. It extends the view and minimizes the pop-in terrain effect.

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#32 Post by saur44l » 26 Nov 2019 22:25

It seems that Idaho has a lot to offer,US-93.That canyon drive near Challis is especially beautiful.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#33 Post by » 28 Dec 2019 04:41

---------------------------------------------------- Idaho Forest Group LLC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Game suggestion: This timber company and its production units should be on the game map rather than being licensed is the largest industry in the state, and also a major exporter to the world.

Company summary:
"Idaho Forest Group LLC", and provides a brief summary and other data of economic interest.
As for the production units the video is outdated.
Site company:
Location Corporate Offices - Idaho Forest Group LLC.
Link: ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Google map: Idaho Forest Group LLC. Localization: Mills. ... z?hl=pt-BR

Idaho Forest Group LLC
1. Grangeville Mill.
City: Grangeville, ID

Product: 2×4 through 2×8 high quality dimensional lumber up to 16 feet from Douglas Fir and White Fir, as well as 1×4 to 1×8 Ponderosa Pine and Spruce/Lodgepole, and a small volume of Cedar and Idaho White Pine specialty products.
Sells: chips, sawdust, hog fuel, and shavings to regional pulp and paper producers, horse bedding suppliers, decorative bark producers and wood pellet manufacturers.
Production /year: 250 million board feet per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST (M-F No appointment necessary)
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Grangeville Mill. ... 1?hl=pt-BR

The video is very useful for the development of the IDAHO map.
  It allows SCS Software to know the physical structure of the largest timber company in the state, as well as its location in which city is located.
  The video specifically has a lot of material that SCS can use.

One of the big problems in the game is exactly the lack of animations that would allow the game to have more realism. This refers to the wood industry specifically speaking in the following highlights:

00:05 - 00:18 layout of the company exterior and landscape.
00:18 - 00:38 cargo reception procedures.
00:38 -1:10 -wood unloading and handling procedures for processing in the factory.

6:14 - 6:35 moving timber for treatment - processing phase.
Positioning for moving the thermal autoclave platforms (oven)

6:52 - 7:38 moving timber for processing - thermal autoclave phase.
Positioning for loading movement
Auto Thermal Key Charging.

7:39 - moving timber for thermal autoclave processing-phase.
Thermal autoclave discharge.
Positioning for moving the processing line within the factory.

10:50 - 11:50 - Ready timber movement (bales) to loading area for trucks.
Loading wooden bales on trucks.
Beginning of the wood transport trip to your final destination.

suggestion of animations:

* Wood loading and unloading animation is required.

* It is necessary to make animations of the other steps marked with the respective times, if this is possible from the trucker's perspective of view.

Idaho Forest Group LLC

2. Lewiston Mill.
City: Lewiston, ID

Product: produces 2×4 through 2×12 lumber, up to 20 feet long.
wood species include Douglas Fir/Larch and Hem Fir.
Production /year: 300 million board feet per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST (M-F No appointment necessary)
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Lewiston Mill. ... 8?hl=pt-BR

0:00 - 0:11 layout of the company exterior and landscape.
14:00 - 14:14 layout of the company exterior and landscape.

0:11 - 0:20 movement of wood that was transported from forest to factory.

01:00 - 1:48 Aerial view of wood conveyor belts being moved is a good aerial camera perspective for the game.
1:48 - 2:14 machine moving the wood back in the processing phase is an external image it may be possible to simulate the procedure.
good possibility for aerial camera and game camera visual perspective.

7:11 - 7:26 external movement of wood in the processing phase.
positioning on the transport platforms of the factory's Autoclave blast furnace

7:28 - 7:59 wood drive for blast furnace loading Autoclave.
8:00 - 8:37 Woodworking Drive in Unloading Stage of Factory Autoclave Oven.

8:38 - 8:48 moving the unloaded wood from the Autoclave Oven to the conveyor belts for the purpose of making the wood to follow other processing steps to the final

10:33 - 10:56 Movement of the final product in the form of packed bales. Ready for loading on trucks and trains.

12:38 - 12:50 loading trucks with wood bales (end product) to their marketing destinations.

12:52 - 13:38 procedures for leaving timber-loaded trucks to their marketing destinations.
  load weighing.
  main exit from factory to highway.

13:42 - 14:00 convoy train of wooden bale-loaded wagons to other distribution and marketing centers.

suggestion of animations:

This video has many scenes that can be used to make animations and with aerial camera options including very interesting viewing perspectives such as;
- factory landscape - aerial perspective.
- receipt of logs.
- logs carried on external conveyor belts.
- Autoclave processes.
  - wood moving processes to the cargo areas.
- loading on the truck.
- train loading.
  Interesting if there was such a sensitivity in making wood mills more real and dynamic.

Idaho Forest Group LLC
3. Athol Mill.
City: Athol, ID

Product: The mill specializes finger jointing trim ends into new studs that will be exported.
Production /year: 30 million board feet per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST (M-F No Appointment Necessary)
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Athol Mill. ... 2?hl=pt-BR

4. Chilco Mill.
City: Athol, ID

Product: Wood. Dimensions range from 2×4 through 2×12 up to 20-foot lengths.
Production /year: 280 million board feet of lumber per year.

Driving Directions
Loading Hours – 6:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PST (M-F Appointment Only)
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Chilco Mill. ... 4?hl=pt-BR

5. Laclede Mill.
City: Laclede, ID

Product: Idaho White Pine boards, specializes in high quality Douglas Fir for export.
Production /year: 240 million board feet per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST (M-F Appointment Only)
All trucks MUST call xxxxxx at least 72 hours prior to loading.
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Laclede Mill. ... 8?hl=pt-BR

6. Moyie Springs Mill.
City: Moyie Springs , ID

Product: stud products in 8 and 9-foot lengths, railroad ties, 1×4 boards.
Production /year: 200 million board feet per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST
M-F No appointment necessary
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - Moyie Springs Mill. ... 4?hl=pt-BR

0:00 - 3:27.
Procedures and machinery used for logging in IDAHO.
Procedures also in the reception of tree logs in the company's factory.
Classification procedures.

3:38 - 8:02 production processes in the factory.
8: 03- 8:05 loading on sawdust truck.

8:44 - Loading with forklift truck for wooden bale on train wagons.
suggestion of animations:

In this video many other animation ideas that can be put into the game like:
- loading on trains.
- the processes of reception of logs from forests.
- Log measurement process in the receiving yard.

7. St. Regis Mill.
City: St. Regis, MT.

Product: 9’ lumber, this stud mill produces 2×6, 2×4, and 1×4 with 2×3.
Production /year: 100 million board feet of lumber per year.

Driving Directions:
Loading Hours – 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MT (M-F Appointment Only)
(Mill number and Customer PO# required)

Location Mill - St. Regis Mill. ... 8?hl=pt-BR


This video can be used to build animation for the steep hillside forest areas of Idaho State.
3 Machines:
1. Winch: Transports logs to the forest road using wire rope by "zip line technique". A coupled traction conveyor carries the log up the slope, lowering to load another.
Continuous movement. The descent occurs when the previous log is 50% thinned.

2. Thinning:
The machine grows branches, leaves, first scrapes the bark when necessary.

3. tweezers:
Its function is to assert the wood log while finishing the thinning. Completed the step.
The tweezers load the log into the Forest trailer for trucker transport to the mill.


This video brings other very important information:
We can see the action in more detail of the Idaho hillside timber transport winch.
Roughing and Tweezers:
Note that the roughing machine has a set of tweezers on its head that allows more firmness to perform the work, in this step where the tree becomes log.

This innovation allows for greater agility resulting in faster loading of the forest trailer when compared theoretically to the previous video.

Also note that the mountain slope in this video is much steeper than in the previous video.
The storage of the logs for loading, then are used wooden props made with some logs of the local itself.

These struts allow the accumulation of logs, since the relief does not allow classical accumulation because it has no flat relief.
Extraction in this environment is a somewhat slow process due to the steep slope of the mountain, requires teams of woodcutters on the slope with their chainsaws.


This video also brings some relevant information we can observe that in the small city of Naples,ID, during the summer, there is a considerable flow of trucks and forest trailers.
Old US 95
Other relevant information is also the forest highway from which trucks leave, which may be a good tip for mappers looking to find forest routes to the state in the ATS game.


The modern technique of tree felling and sloping in the state of IDAHO 2019.
 Note that the larger machine has a large steel cable roll (rear).
It operates by placing the mechanical arm and its "loading spade" locked on the floor. This makes the machine firm while pulleys of the coupling attached to the mechanical arm do the job of allowing the harvesting machine to be lowered or raised and thinning safely on the slope.

 If necessary it will prevent the machine from being tilted and crashed the wire ropes and chains act as a working belt the machine is able to pull up or down the slope to assist the tree cutting and thinning and as is placed in the previous video the roughing machines in Areal also have tweezers for better securing the tree trunk for felling and thus also carry and load. If necessary moving the blogs up the slope to the loading points on the roadside forestry.

Scenes of trucks carrying timber log in the state of Idaho nesxt 2 last videos.
Notice the entrance gate in a privately owned Forest area, has a warning sign, and a retractable iron bar that can be seen. In this video below:
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#34 Post by » 28 Dec 2019 05:09

Welcome to the state of the potato!
 Known worldwide as the world's largest potato producer.
Agricultural potato production is very important in the state's economy, with several processing and marketing plants for other states in the United States.
It is important to know some companies that are part of this production chain.
It all starts with the manufacturers and dealers of agricultural machines, dealerd seeds.
Potato plantations are so important to people in the state, there are popular parties dedicated to potatoes.
Including the United States National Museum on Potatoes.
The video below we can know a little about the Potato Museum. A simple museum, but full of history, and this is important; preserve the local culture.
The state of IDAHO today is a developed place, much due also to the persevering work of farmers in the state.
  So here's the search tip.

Idaho Potato Museum & Potato Station Cafe.
City: Blackfoot, ID.
Localization map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

1- Idaho Grimm Growers Warehouse Corp.
City: Blackfoot, ID.
Type: Agricultural service
List seeds:
Cover Crops:
native grass & flowes: ... d-planting
Localization map: ... 5?hl=pt-BR

This is the largest company in the state selling agricultural and construction machinery.
Also note that you are an official Case dealer.
 So it would be interesting to license Case tractors and farm machines.
 But other brands that are implements and machinery which is authorized, and I suppose, have not yet been licensed by Farming Simulator.
 Interesting to make future loads from manufacturer "Wishek"
is located in Kansas and sells its farm implements and farm machinery throughout the United States and Canada. Impressive on the company's website the points of stores authorized to represent it in selling their equipment and parts.
 My research tip would be the licensing with this PIONNER company of its stores in the state, and this brand of agricultural machinery of the state of Kansas.
 We could be transporting machinery to IDAHO and several other states and Canada in the future. For DLC IDAHO, transport implements, tractors PIONNER stores to farms in the state.

2- Pioneer Equipment Co
City: Blackfoot, ID.
You Tube: ... Qw3pTCBU7Q
Type: Agriculture Delear.
Products machines agriculture:
Case agriculture, case construction, KRONE Agriculture, Great Plains Ag, LEMKEN, Takeuchi, Schulte, Parma Company, Wishek.
Others unity (cities):American Falls, Idaho Falls, Rupert, Rexburg.
Map localizations: ... z?hl=pt-BR

The state also has significant beet production; there are some manufacturers who are engaged in the production of agricultural harvesting machinery, implements, and even truck trailers, in the state thus meeting local needs.

3- Parma Co
City: Parma, ID.
You Tube: ... CyDYLLVzMj
Type: farm implements industry
Arena Groomer:
agricultural machinery and implements:
Map localization: ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Parma Company 12 Row Harvester
Parma 12 Row Folding Defoliator

Parma Company Sugarbeet Harvester 12Row and Wheel Type

Forage Trailer:
State dairy cows need to feed, right ?!
The state produces a lot of green fodder mass, so there are specific trailers for cattle transport and fodder.
And the players could do it.
Dairy area? The north It is a frontier of dairy farming in the state, there is something there, but the center of dairy production is concentrated in the south-central state,
has major processing plants in town: Jerome (Idaho Milk Products), Burley (High Desert Milk),...
The state has 35 dairy companies and has a herd of 5,000 permanently lactating dairy cows, surpassed only by the state of California in number of dairy herds and dairy products and dairy products.


Link: ... -trailers/





The state's economy is very diverse, it has large forestry companies, large potato / wheat / beet farms.
Also significant is the manufacture of farm machinery, farm implements and truck trailers for agricultural work.
The state's economy also has cattle ranches and dairy industry.
Mining also deserves mention.
It is a small state with a very diverse and regionalized economy.

4.Spudnik Equipment Company LLC.
City: , ID.
You Tube:
Type: farm implements industry
Planting: ... anting.php
Harvesting: ... esting.php
Transporting: ... orting.php
Storing: ... toring.php


Map farms potatoes: ... z?hl=pt-BR

The state harvests more than 25 other varieties, all of which can bear the stamp "Grown in Idaho."
The state harvests 13 billion pounds (5.896.700,81 Ton) of potatoes annually, with a portion sold fresh and some sold for frozen food, french fries, and dehydration. Since 97% of Americans eat potatoes, and the average citizen eats 111 pounds (50 kg) of potatoes a year, there's no lack of demand for Idaho potatoes.

River side farms (potatos & Wheat)
FARM- Potato Planting in the State of Idaho.
FARM - Potato storage in the state of Idaho.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#35 Post by Jbte » 28 Dec 2019 06:28

Please SCS include this exact curve in Boise, ID

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#36 Post by » 29 Dec 2019 17:55


1. Potato Products of Idaho
City; Rigby
- Mashed Potatoes.
- Whole Baked Potatoes (at 3 oz. and going up to 10 oz. Currently available in 30# bulk cases, 6/5 lb. bags, and 12/1 kilo bags).
- Fire Roasted Baby Potatoes.
- Fire Roasted Sweet Mashed Potatoes.
Map: ... 1?hl=pt-BR

2. Idaho Supreme, Inc
City: Firth
Retail Product and Packaging Specifications:
Products and Packaging Specifications:
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

3. Idahoan Foods
The state's leading potato processing company.
City: Idaho Falls
Products are organized into categories and within each category, a variety of products.

4. Basic American Foods - BAF.
City: Idaho Falls
Street View: ... 1?hl=pt-BR

4.1.1 Hungry JACK
Mashed potatoes: ... -potatoes/
Casserole Potatoes:

4.1.2 Idaho SPUDS.
Veggie Mash:
Classic Mash: ... -potatoes/
Flavored Mashed: ... ed-mashed/
Family Sized Flavored Mashed: ... ed-mashed/
Casserole Potatoes: ... -potatoes/
4.2.0 Units factories:
4.2.1 - Basic American Foods - BAF.
City: Shelley
Map: ... 3?hl=pt-BR

4.2.2 - Basic American Foods - BAF.
City: Blackfoot
Map: ... 1?hl=pt-BR

4.2.3 - Basic American Foods - BAF.
City: Rexburg
Map: ... 4?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#37 Post by » 29 Dec 2019 20:08

Since the state has many dairy companies, it would be important to simulate truck milk collection.

  This is a series of relatively close but not necessarily neighboring farms. And to be milk producers too.

  It is important that we can deliver milk equipment.

  I will post later on this.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#38 Post by Shiva » 30 Dec 2019 02:40

Forest road possibilities from I-90 via US-12 to US-93. Route on Google Maps.
Some parts gravel, some parts paved. + alternative stretches possible.
This as an example.
NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier. Youtube video on how it works. W & S thread.
B-Double trailer and short modes: EN 7.82 swap body, 20’ or 30’ containers.
Standalone 40' mode: EN 7.82 swap body, 20', 30', 40' or 2 x 20' trailer.

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#39 Post by Oscar de Wyldde » 30 Dec 2019 04:20

I hope there is rendition of the Conagra potato processing plant just outside of American Falls, Idaho because I want to take 43000 lbs of hash browns to Phoenix Arizonia in a refrigeration van.

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

#40 Post by geomodelrailroader » 30 Dec 2019 06:51

Here is what I want for My Idaho. 1. I want a special rendering of the hopper trailer and the open banana trailer Idaho grows beets and potatoes Idaho is known as the Spud State after all. 2. With the new trailers I want a special rendering of the packing houses Simplot, Conagra, and White Satin. 3. If you add Idaho Falls don't forget INEL also I want Nuclear and Oxidizers added to ADR. 4. I want Twin Falls City in full detail I know they got the bridge right. and the last thing 5. Don't mess up my home town.

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