Idaho pre-research tips
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Dairy products are important to IDAHO.
The company below has two Representations, one in Kansas and one in Illinois, and its products are very common on American farms.
ll these equipments constitute loads.
  Some as for example; The rotary milking system "in particular are large parts and can be a special load.
  So it is necessary to SCS Software, to enter a little more in this agrarian and livestock world, because it has many loads.
  There are many machinery and products.
  I recommend that you seek product licensing, because in the future these relationships can serve as the basis for creating your own farming simulator, within the global map that is being built gradually with World Truck Simulator.

------------- milking systems -------------
Parallel rotary -PR3100HD


2.Parallel parlors:





3.2. Herringbone HB30




3.3 herringbone HB50


3.5 Clusters: ... /clusters/

It also has milk meters and milking points.
--- milking and storage equipment ---

1. Cooling tank:

2. Compact chillers:

3. Vacuum system:

---- Herd movers ---
Cow mover HRS

Cow mover Usher HRS

--- Herd portals----

Sort gates:


Farm monitoring:

Walk-by reader -ID:
----Herd comforts--------
cow brush SCB

cow brush MSB

Rubber coverage


Water troughs

Water bowls

Reagents and sanitizers:

- Acid detergents:


- Alkaline detergents:

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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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SCS Software can make dairy farms where dairy stalls and milking buildings receive the new coller milk.

  In the photo we can see a typically american cooler, he is horizontal.
  Just for the sake of curiosity in Brazil, the most common models are vertical.
  This kind of photo cooler I have already noticed in several Idaho farm videos.

Mountain West Dairy Services

Dear SCS Software. Don't forget to make a pick-up trailer that can be seen driving on highways, cities, fueling at gas stations, eventually stopped at restaurant towns in the state of Idaho.

  It is an educational trailer for schools to promote good health for children and young people by stimulating milk consumption.
  It is a realization of the State Milk Producers Association.

"MAC - Dairy Module".

For curiosity title:
  In the 20th century much of the milk consumed by Americans was transported wagons specially created for the transport of milk.
  One of these weather-resistant models is found in some US Railroad museums, note the design is very aerodynamic. I like this layout.
They were used at their peak in the 1930s, and the last charge occurred in the late 1960s.
  By the late 1950s they were rare.
The wagons couldn't resist the late 1960s, it was the decade when the truck's milk trailer took its place.




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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Good morning SCS Software team.I have already prepared my breakfast too, so let's get to work.
My research tip is about >> "potato trailer" <<.

Link Potato trailer:

The trailer belongs to the Idaho State Potato Growers Association.
Unlike the trailer for dairy farmers that runs through state schools and towns (and should be added too, and go through each city at once. Not a common event).
), the "POTATO TRAILER" travels throughout the U.S., disclosing the quality and taste of IDAHO potatoes.

 So my suggestion is: "team create the 'potahto trailer' and it should be added, and go through each city, and every state alternately, and sometimes the player might find the" potato trailer "or not. To find the" potato trailer "must be in the same city or highway.

Just a suggestion.

- Generates a peculiar symbol of the state in the game.
- Enables "quick" licensing and allows farmers to advertise.
- DLC may have strong media impact on IDAHO.
- Idahons players can be proud to meet you at ATS!
- Trailer is beautiful and iconic.

OK, I never asked you for anything about IDAHO.

I ask for the "POTATO TRAILER"!.

A good day for all !! ... .and let's eat a lot of chips today has preference in honor of the "potato trailer" and NEW YEAR!


Judge me for that.





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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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A video found by flight50, south of US-90, north of NF-50 Idaho.
1minute and 14seconds, to the end of video route on Google Maps.
99% sure it is this route.

Checked Video. Compared to aerial view of roads.
Nope. 100% it is that route!
Starting point: Here! That straight bit of road.
47°16'05.8"N 116°00'11.6"W
Avery School District 394, Idaho, USA

I might have not marked the exact starting point of the video, but it is within 30meters/90ft.
NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier. Youtube video on how it works. W & S thread.
B-Double trailer and short modes: EN 7.82 swap body, 20’ or 30’ containers.
Standalone 40' mode: EN 7.82 swap body, 20', 30', 40' or 2 x 20' trailer.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Good morning SCS Software we started the productive year of 2020, do not forget my dear friends, which state of IDAHO stands out in many things; and one of them is mining.
Maps mines ... z?hl=pt-BR

it may not be possible to put up a state museum of mining geology.
Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology ... 6?hl=pt-BR

So it is the state of the "gems".
  One of the largest mines in the deepest part of the state is Thompson Creek Mine, it is located on Highway 75 in Clayton, very close to other major cities in nearby Challis, and Chilly.

  So don't forget this big mine.

Thompson Creek Mining Co
Perhaps SCS Software does not know but one of the most important things still in recent history and culture.
  This disaster, which is documented in the video below, has a great impact on idohans society.
  It would be important to see on the map the "monument to the Miners".
The "Sunshine Mining Disaster" still marks the gem state society.
Sunshine Mining Disaster
--------------ADD ON 2021. MINE STELBNITE.--------------------

:D "stealing dreams from 'Greta', but creating New Fish Dreams, and rebuilding the dreams of Yellows Pines". :D

I find it important to open these links-reading and exploring.

 Why this "Stibnite" mine, if reactivated will be one of the largest in the United States of America, in gold production (4th largest) but will also generate important minerals for the United States nvai allowed for example:
 produce 90% of antimony!
produce 80% Tungstenio!
 They can be produced by the United States itself, drastically reducing the importation of these products benefiting several American industries.

This important mine in the currently deactivated state has already produced the same rare mineral values as the United States, today are dependent on countries such as Bolivia and other countries in the world.
  The mine was strategically important during World War II and until its commercial close date, within the period mining techniques that made it no longer "commercial".
  My humble opinion of this: "Once this mine has been reactivated, it should be in the ATS game and it will mean a radical change in mineral transport, it will also make the whole Northeast of the state more attractive, we will see small towns that exist there, grow with the jobs that will be generated.



And it can rebuild and preserve the historical legacy Abandoned miner - village.
 Rebuild access to fish that currently have obstructed passage for over 100 years of mining without proper mining knowledge and care today.

 This is a good project and it would be good for SCS Software to keep an eye on this project, which is about to be authorized in 2020, to start operating in 2021.

 This is a research and information tip and this will make Yellow Pine develop, boosting the region.

We are talking about Surface Mining and Underground Mining There are two companies that can supply this equipment in America:

Company "Vermeer" - Surface and drilling machines in geothermals and mines.

Company "CAT" (Caterpillar) - underground machines and surface machines.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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BORAH PEAK - "The Gate of Heaven in IDAHO

This is the highest point in the state it is not possible to reach the top by vehicles only by walking or climbing. But it is possible to reach by car to the base and the mountain.

Borah Peak - Basic info:

It has some sources claim that it is possible to view neighboring states on days that are completely cloudless and sunny.
Mount Borah Earthquake Fault - Challis Idaho

Route: BAKER. OR - CALDWELL. ID. ... 0?hl=pt-BR

Camping - Baker city. OR. ... 8?hl=pt-BR ... 6?hl=pt-BR
0:39 ... 6?hl=pt-BR
0:50 ... 6?hl=pt-BR

2:28 Signal 1mile CEMENT PLANT - EXIT 330 OR.

2:28 - Ash Grove Cement - 4:40 OR. ... 2?hl=pt-BR

Sugestion Load: standard loading of cements. Special cements.
Site company:

6:25 River - 7:05 OR.

6:32 Weigh Station - 6:51 OR.

7:10 Exit Road Signal OR.

7:13 Exit 356 signal OR.

8:00 Road 201 - Snake River. OR.

10:12 - Cattle loader. OR.
It would be interesting to put as a regular event at this point:
Livestock loading / unloading.
This event would be visible from the highway.

Event must have:
* Animation of Cowboys transporting cattle to cattle loading.

* Animation of Cowboys transporting cattle from the loading area to the farm.

* Animation of cowboys loading cattle in the truck.
>>> thus preparing a first version of the animations to Texas and cattle transport.

* Pick ups.

* grazing dogs.

 *Horse trailer + pickup.

Livestock loading / unloading animations, this is very important.
SCS Software's games are missing the loading and unloading animations so as not to get that monotonous thing. We never have cargo loading and unloading - normal transport and it would be interesting and very realistic. We have animations only special transports.
An example of loading horses in a game mod in GTA 5, it would be important to have a more realistic loading system. This point is ideal on the Oregon / IDAHO border.
18:50 - 25:47
This is a place that can be done.
It would be interesting on this ATS map on the border between OREGON and IDAHO to experiment with animations.
 Inserting some form of animation, very similar with this video of this cowboy game.
 Obviously we players to transport the cattle, we will not do the work of the cowboy (artificial intelligence or standard animation). But it would be important to see the cowboy working the cattle transporting cattle to the loading dock, and also transporting the cattle from the loading dock to the farm via road.
 Imagine the perspective of players passing I-84 at this point and seeing the cattle load, or parking trailer after accepting cattle load offer at that point.
 Then he'll see animation of the latest cattle heads coming in while parking the truck ...
  While waiting for the load, he watches the work of the cowboy putting the cattle into the truck.
 It would be absolutely amazing and very realistic.
Prospects to see cattle in the trailer. ... 0?hl=pt-BR

Look at this horizon, curved road, cattle could be shown being carried by cowboys along this road. A breaking animation would go to the monotonous landscape, a rare event to see.
  How about standing still at this point? and use the aerial camera?
  Watch the cattle go by and be placed in the loading area.
How about waiting a little longer?
See a truck (from the game itself) park.
Cawboys load cattle in the truck.
A little more wait ....
We could see cowboys saddling their horses and watch them put on pick-up trailers, driving down the private road.
It would be fantastic .... to see and transgress more realistically.
Now I'm curious and you? where are the houses of this farm? Answer is on the private road that we would not have access to. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

i-84 ... 6?hl=pt-BR

How about waiting a little longer?
See a truck (from the game itself) park.
Cawboys load cattle in the truck. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

A little more wait ....
We could see cowboys saddling their horses and watch them put on pick-up trailers, driving down the private road. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

It would be fantastic .... to see and transgress more realistically.
Now I'm curious and you? where are the houses of this farm? Answer is on the private road that we would not have access to.

  SCS Software if you are going to adopt this idea to make this part of the map attractive as far as cattle transport is concerned.
  You should pay close attention to something very basic, that all games so far about cattle and Cowboys have failed!
"You don't sell cows for slaughter!"
  Hardly a livestock farmer, will dispose of their cows to send them slaughter, for example.

Cows can be sold at auctions, but they are not sold for slaughter.
  In auctions cows can be sold to other livestock producers. Usually sells males.

In cattle auctions there is the buying / selling of male and female animals, but males and a larger proportion and this is important to have in realism, when making the system of loads.
The games created so far pay no attention to this very basic detail: "no cow (young cow) are brought to slaughter." OK. very hard cows that go to slaughter just at the end of their reproductive life.
Summary Live longer than dairy cows.
  Dairy cows are sold for slaughter at the end of their "high yield" lactation life.
Dairy cows are generally disposed of through sale at cattle auctions to other low-income breeders so that you pass on cows of great genetics to people who in theory would not be able to acquire such high genetics. performance.
  As dairy farming evolves, it is difficult for dairy cows to go to slaughter, but it still occurs, but to a much greater extent than beef cattle.
Dairy cows are slaughtered in an infinitely smaller amount than beef cattle (male) and dairy cattle ( male).

Warning: Impacting animal slaughter scenes in GTA 5.
The video above we can see some extremely gross mistakes made in the video and even from the GTA game producer.
1st slaughterhouses are extremely clean places and organized the discharge sites are abundantly clean and disinfected, not the garbage that is shown.

2st The gross mistake is to simulate the slaughter of dairy cows exclusively, as if it were routine when not really. For slaughtering is exceptionally exceptional.
The standard slaughtering is usually males of breeds specializing in meat production.
Game developers, as opposed to animal slaughter, simulated GTA V very badly.
Males are slaughtered from dairy cattle, usually males from dairy farms, are sold and transported to cattle fattening farms. In these places, these cattle will then gain weight and age until they are about to be slaughtered.
So in the video should be dairy males and how do we know they are dairy females? It's very simple - big udders - it's part of the anatomy of dairy cattle females.
The final scenes are realistic and the slaughter actually occurs as shown, it is usually performed with an ultra-speed pistol in order not to cause pain or suffering to the animal.

In SCS Software slaughterhouse games, we only need them to have the livestock loading and unloading area and all the operational details through animations.
  It is not in our interest to know what goes on inside the slaughterhouses.
Warning may contain some sensitive scenes!
  Informative video made only for those who want to understand what happens to cattle between unloading and entering the slaughterhouse.
  What is missing in SCS Software games is display; the unloading and resting area of the cattle.
  And some excitement about the work of transporting cattle from the rest area into the slaughterhouse. And we stop here.
  The gate into the slaughterhouse is no longer in our interest.
  But showing a little of what happens after we unload cattle mainly during the day is interesting.
What interests us is just seeing how cattle are unloaded and this can be simulated.
 Young people could understand how different unloading of cattle is: cattle auctions, cattle farms, and highways.
The beginning of the video has a very interesting camera perspective, inside the trailer, with the animals. My suggestion is to add it to the game and maybe it can be accompanied on the display inside the cabin, during the trip for the driver, so take care of the speed relation with the animal. Aanimal welfare to make a peaceful trip.
At the end of the journey then receive a score as a live animal driver, if the animals arrived too stressed, or little stressed. and this as a way of career points as more deliveries with quiet animals, occur but level up - stars - as transporters of live cattle.

11:12 Bridge in manutence: Snake river. OR/ID. 2019. 12:31

12:33 Signal Rest Stop / Idaho. ID. ... 7?hl=pt-BR

12:37 - Rest Stop/ Idaho - 13:12 ID.
Snake River View - Eastbound / Oregon State Department of Transportation Rest Area:Idaho Rest Stop (Westbound). ... 2?hl=pt-BR

13:22 IDAHO STATE LAW SIGNAL. ID. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

13:41 Signal Road ROAD 95 ACESS. EXIT 3. ID. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

13:55 Acess Caldwell Camping , Caldwell, ID. ... 6?hl=pt-BR

14:01 - Caldwell Camping - 14:23 ID.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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1.The "Mission of the Sacred Heart" mission is the oldest building in the state.
Site: ... ld-mission
Map park: ... 202009.pdf

Localization: ... 8?hl=pt-BR
Trip advisor: ... Idaho.html























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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Albertson College of Idaho in Caldwell was founded as the College of Idaho in 1891 and is the state's oldest four-year institution of higher learning.
Logo School

Localization google maps: the blue area corresponds to the school campus boundaries. Near highway 84. ... 2?hl=pt-BR

Map Campus college: ... %20Map.pdf
Virtual Tour: ... rtual-tour


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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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The Forest Route allows you to access airports within the state's large forest area, this route is important because it allows you to reach a large fruit farm.
Farm owns with fruit picking machine and even some airports with which in theory could be taken "fuels".

  But in real life this does not happen, but the farm she owns; refrigerated trailers for transportation.
Therefore, it is possible to put the forest road exploration for the players until they reach this farm.
  e There are many other hidden things that I will try to show in other route options.
  A special thanks; For the gamer and map researcher at the SCS Software Shiva forum, aqual a few days ago we were researching these routes, for that large region that has no paved roads.

Route Forest 1.
Distance: 156 miles. Route time: 7:11hs
This route is easier to do because it only has Highway 14 in its entirety and has as destinations: Elk (city), Dixie (town), 2 ranches, 2 airports, 2 historic sites.
Map. ... 0?hl=pt-BR

Route 1.
ID 14 Road.
Elk City.
Gold Point - Ghost Mine, Ghost village.
Leprouse - Historic. Ghost village.
Red River Station - station guard park.
Red River Hot Springs: - Spa Geothermic wather.
Dixie: Village.
Options: final destinations
A - Whitewater Ranch: Fruit, logs, cattle (?)
B - Wilson Bar Usfs (airport)
C - Mack Bar Rach
Mackay Bar Airport

Route 2.
Distance: 214 miles Route Time: 10:52 hs
Map: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

U.S 12.
Fenn Ranger Station - station guard park.
Newsome: - houses + cemitery historic.
Elk Summit: - Tower observation.
Elk City: city centre in region.
Gold Point - Ghost Mine, Ghost village.
Leprouse - Historic. Ghost village.
Red River Station - station guard park.
Red River Hot Springs: - Spa Geothermic wather.
Dixie: Village.
Options: final destinations
A - Whitewater Ranch: Fruit, logs, cattle (?)
B - Wilson Bar Usfs (airport)
C - Mack Bar Rach
Mackay Bar Airport

Route 3.
In the topic of "discussion about IDAHO" a few days ago, other ideas were also emerging about forest routes, because one notices a large area that has no conventional highways. It has several forest roads in dirth and gravel, used for both tourism and logging. It is a very interesting map and has a circular shape in the forest region.
Thanks and credit to the gamer flight50.

Route 4.
Distance: 302 miles. Route Time: 17:24 hs.
18 points reference.
1 city. Lowman: Fuel Station.
villages: 2. Yellon Pine, Warren.

1. Turism.
2. Extraction logs.
3. Mine: Stibnite*.
*Possibility of reopening for commercial mining exploration in 2021.

Turistic atractions:

1.Burgdorf: Ghost village, camping, mountain panoramic view.
camping - thermal wather.

Mountain panoramic view.

2.Cinnabar: Ghost Mine.

3.Deadwood Outfitters: Ghost Mine camping.
[youtube] [/youtube]

4.Warn Lake: camping.

5.Deadwood Reservoir: Dam, camping.

Map: ... 0?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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"Giant Red Cedar National Recreation Trail "
Giant Western Red Cedar:
It boasts a whopping diameter of 18- (5,4 meters diameter) feet at chest height, and it's 177- (53meters height) feet tall. It's estimated to be one of the oldest in the grove at over 3,000 years old.

Route suggestion: ... 49!1m0!3e0

Road 8
Bovil (city)
Road 3
Elk River (city) - Elk River Airport, K & M Industries Inc ( match cases:
Road 382
*****Giant Cedar Grove Trailhead***** - BIG TREE
Road 382
Elk Butte - panoramic view
Road 3311 - return Elk River.
Elk Bottter Road
Burma Road - Florest/ logs
Aquarius Road - Florest/ logs
Grandad Boat Ramp
Grandad Road - Forest/ logs
Headquarters (Village)
Road 247 - Forest/ logs
Road 11 - Forest/ logs
Bald Mountain Ski Area - tractor snow, snowmobiles.
Road 11 - Florest/ logs
Cardiff ( Village) - station fuel
Jaippe ( Village)
Pierce (city) - Super market, Mechanic,US Mail,Logging Museum, churchs





Image ... 00x398.png

To get to the Giant Red Cedar National Recreation Trail, take County Road 382 north from Elk River for approximately 10 miles. Turn right on FS Road 4764. You'll find the trailhead roughly a quarter of a mile beyond the parking area.
Trail is a 3.3 miles.


I find things very interesting in these places in remote areas, this small town on the edge of the state, with a virtually intact 19th century, early 20th century opera house, is amazing! America has very beautiful things that should be valued without doubt, this place deserves attention.
The small town of BOVIL was once very important.
Very prosperous during the mining period, it even owned Conoco Station (a now defunct company operating in oil and gas and with a network of fuel stations).
The conoco still "exists" but under a new name "ConocoPhilips".
Little BOVIL station is just a historical relic.

Log truck
Timberworks Inc (factory, store - wood products) Link:

Aerial points symbols Elk city.
Bridge Dent.
Although on the proposed route the bridge Dent, is not part.
  The bridge D3nt video is in time (0:26 - 0:38).
Your geographical location on the state map is highlighted below:
Map: Dent Bridge. ... 16.1786094

Dworshak Dam & Reservoir.
The proposed route does not pass this symbol of the city of Elk River, but as we find this good material is the record, also if the game company decides to do some forest route, or other faults that highlight this symbol.
This large dam, electricity generation, and state water reserve, is in the video in time (0:39 - 0:48).
Your location is on the map below: ... 49!1m0!3e0

Grandad Bridge.
This is the bridge that appears on the proposed route for the ATS game, DLC IDAHO.
Main objective is the "Great Red Cedar Trail of the West", it is the 4th largest tree in the United States of America!
The route that leads to this bridge has logging, and still very close to the bridge; There is a camping with boat ramp.
Then; the route is once again dominated by logging forests. The path goes through the forest. It is a magnificent setting.
Note that between 3:15 and 3:20 the camping "Dworshak Reservior Grandad Campground", and yours "Grandad Boat Ramp", appears.
Another detail. Notice the volume and very low water in the Dworshak Reservoir Dam.
For game purposes; It would be interesting to do periods with normal water volume (which is the green line of forests), and periods of drought when the river appears in the format that the video records.
On the proposed map of the "Great Red Cedar of the West Route" the bridge is highlighted below: ... 49!1m0!3e0

"Grandad Boat Ramp"
This video shows exactly the bridge area ( identificado com a ponte em virtude do sinalizador indicativo da existência de ponte a frente. Time: 0:32).
A perspective of tourists using a speedboat.
Speedboats are very common watercraft in the United States, in states that that do not have access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
We can see by looking at the maps; most states in this country are far from coastal access.
So societies in these states have to look for other forms of leisure and tourism.
This explains why camping is very common in the interior of the United States, and boating with: speedboats, common jet skis in; Natural lakes, reservoirs.
"Dworshak Reservior Grandad Campground"
There are 90 films ... of a few minutes that show completely the camping, which is near the bridge.
  So I will not put the 90 movies, just the Number 1 movie that on YouTube, has autoplay.
This can be made accessible to state map developers if of interest.
[youtube] ... GRs2ufwu8F[/youtube]

Headquarters (Village):

The video below gives mapmakers some relief images in this region, where Google Maps doesn't have many images.
A curiosity is that Deer Creek Resevoir camping does not allow camping or trailer.
Below the board about it. ... -115.77855
Fishing and the use of nautical vehicles as speedboats are allowed.

0:18 - 0:22 Elk Butte - Mountain. Panoramic view.
1:55 - 2:20 Deer Creek Resevoir.
2:20 -2:25 Ramp Boat - Deer Creek Resevoir camping.
2:24 - 3:07 - Headquarters village.
3:50 - Big Island airport - privative.

Bald Mountain Ski Area
Ski Resort - Bald Mountain
This is the kind of load we could be taking to ski resorts in the summer.
It's a very interesting load, there are companies that make snow cats and snowmobiles.
  And yet .... we don't have this important vehicle and payload in the ATS1 and ETS 2 games.
  It would be a great draw to have the ski resorts in the game and this load (SNOW CATS), Snowmobiles to nearby cities.
A very important random event that could be on this route is the graduation of young people in social recovery.
Amazing, as in all countries, there are always young people who for some reason give up on the education system and social upswing.
This is a beautiful program that recovers young people, stimulates their pursuit of life goals again.

Pierce exists social recovery academy: Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy.
So that would be something that, I consider positive is we could then see civic prom parade! This is America!
Everyone has a second chance at life!
Site info:

A bit of urbanization in Weippe.
Possible cargos:
Fuel Station, Store flowers, Construction Materials,
Food products: owns a market.

Barlow Truss
Products: Wood Roof Trusses/Residential Roof Trusses/Commercial Roof Trusses/Agricultural Roof Trusses.

Empire Lumber Company
Map Company: ... 1?hl=pt-BR
factories: Spokane (WA), Weippe (ID), Kamia (ID).

Solid Rock Gravel Co.
Products: Gravel
Map Company: ... 115.912478

Map city: ... i4!2i0!3i2

In this small American city, we have the final transition from forested areas to state agricultural areas.
So the videos show that too, agriculture, livestock and forest in the region.

Lack of videos showing the route of Weippe -U.S 12.
The video below goes the way: Greer - Weippe.

If the "Great Red Cedar of the West" route is extended to get to US Highway 12.
So we have the final stretch in the video below.
Highway 11 nach Greer und Highway 12, Idaho.

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