Idaho pre-research tips
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Bruneau Dunes State Park - Idaho
Another very important place in the state in terms of natural beauty is the park that has the highest dunes in the United States.
Bruneau Dunes State Park contains North America's tallest single structured sand dune. It stands 470 feet high.

The videos have been disabled by the owner to run on other websites or forums, but the images are magnificent about this park.
So I believe it may be of interest to the IDAHO map if it is of interest to SCS Software.[youtube][/youtube]



This magnificent place in my opinion is only parallel in the Americas so, I know with the so-called; "Lençóis Maranhenses" in Brazil, which is also a great formation of dunes.
I don't know if they are bigger or smaller, but it also reminds me a lot of these dunes. I recommend Americans to know more IDAHO is interesting
The park has an astronomical observatory. Interesting!
Some scenes of sunset in the dunes:

Another video with sunset in the park.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Shoshone Falls, The Niagara of the West.

Video. Trip routes Idaho.

Caldwell/ OR >> U.S. Highway 20 to the Montana.
0:48:08 Shoeshone Falls
Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos --- Consider this reliable source to add as part of SCS Software's image database has great videos about the state of Idaho and others.
Making an Impeccable marking of the itinerary you are traveling through is very important to facilitate the study of mappers.
!!! Attention !!!
The video below has full time scenes featuring laser light show performance.
  Not recommended for people who have health problems with epilepsy.
  Following the forum rules placed the warning.

Attractive show performed at night in the waterfall. 2019.

Aerial perspective drone logging the waterfall.
Normal video without warning.
Maximum volume of water in the year 2019.
2017 had an even greater volume of water in the waterfall.
Other angles of waterfall.
Ssunset at the waterfall
Snake River Canyon - Shoeshone Falls.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho.

Some events on the Perrine Bridge:
  Among the most common events are:
- Kayak rides on the river. Snake.

- Parachute jumps from the base of the bridge.
This video presents several techniques of skydiving on bridges.
It is a very useful video to make simulations of events in the smallest detail where only the most attentive players maybe,
if this simulation is done can find out what technique they are or even practitioners of this sport, maybe the techniques can be identified.
The video above shows the highs of 2019.
  What catches my attention is the sunset at the time 11:28 - 12:00 on the bridge. Really beautiful!
Other scene Sunset 12:48-13:13 Fantastic! You need to see this and put it in the game!
Rare events are:
- Truck accidents.

Sunset Bridge.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Mackay, ID
At 5897 (1.800 meters above sea level) feet elevation, Mackay calls itself the "Top of Idaho", because it is the nearest city to Mt. Borah, the highest mountain in Idaho.

Route: Arco >> Mackay. U.S 93.

Mackay Dam
Localization Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR
Mackay Mine Road. - historic site.


Mackay Mine Hill:
A little about the history of the article route and also has other links in the article, link ... -mine-hill

The video below shows the descent of the mountain from the mine towards the town of Mackay.
It is part of the Mckay Mining Tourist Route.

The following numerical sequence represents the exact sequence expressed on the BLM - IDAHO map on the Mackay mining tourist route.


BLM - Mackay mine tour. ... e-tour-map

1. Point: Smelter Site Buildings. Today museum. Entrance Historic area.

Google maps: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

Allows you to create access to the historical site and beyond.

2. Aerial tramway tension towers.


3. Compressor building & Cossack tunnel.


6:29 - 11: 13 Compressor Building top of mining hill -1926.
9:15 - 9:56 Cossack tunnel.
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

4. Mill and tunnel site.
2:37 - 6:25 Mill and tunnel site.
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

5. Aerial tramway headhouse.
00:00 - 1:00 Aerial tramway headhouse.
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

6. Open Pit Mine.

1:01 - 2:35 Open Pit Mine.
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

7. Compressor Building & Cossack tunnel.
6:29 - 11: 13 Compressor Building top of mining hill -1926.
9:15 - 9:56 Cossack tunnel.
Map: ... 1e3!4m2!4m
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Bruneau River Canyon - overlook - ID
What is Canyon is one of the most spectacular places in the state is over 100 km long, and a great depth rivaling the Grand Canyon.
This is a search tip that can be included in the game on the ATS, DLC IDAHO map.

Your main viewpoint does not appear on the Google map. No visible markers in a quick search.

Some video and photos links that may be of interest.
BLM - Bruneau River Canyon - overlook

History - mine. Jasper.
The state is known for gems and is not the case, almost everywhere encountering such impacting minerals and precious, and semi-precious stones.

Localization: ... 15.6705333

Photos others: ... 704!8i4352

Trip advisor: 2019. ... Idaho.html

Map route suggestion: ... m0!1m0!3e0

Villlage: Bruneau.
Map. ... 920862!3e2

Company ... e0!7i13312!

Churches ... 312!8i6656 ... 7?hl=pt-BR

Library ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Military club veterans ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Restaurants ... 6?hl=pt-BR ... 6?hl=pt-BR

kindergarten ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Bruneau Elementary School ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Mechanic & Fuel Station ... 6?hl=pt-BR

Farm Hay ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 6?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Good Morning!
  Today's search tip is about route 51-ID, and some attractions that exist on this route that allows you to access ELK -NEVADA.
and is within a blm managed wildlife area.
  It has some very interesting and even historical attractions.
  So; perhaps it will allow the state map to occupy the Southwest portion with a scenic route, through the great desert of the state IDAHO, making the environmental transition with Nevada.
A scenic route that has some really cool quirks shown below:

1. Jacks Creek Wilderness:
------------------ ... 2?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Shoshone Bannock Tribes, Fort Hall,ID.
City: Fort Wall (tribal city)
Localization: ... 12.4118259

Indigenous reservation demarcation board.
Acess signs for Fort Halls.
Acess for Fort Halls. EXIT 80. Time: 8:42

Something very important and interesting would be presented in the game this other Indian reservation in the state of IDAHO.
  It would be very interesting, a very strong state mark.
Acess: U.S 15
City: Fort Wall:


1. Church of the Good Shepherd
Localization map: ... 328!8i1664
Link: ... d504257161
Church of the Good Shepherd

2. Fort Hall Skatepark
3. Fort Hall Trading Post
Photo: ... CnoECAsQCA

Sunset Fort Hall Trading Post - "horse indian running in the sky". cloud images. Event suggestion. ... CnoECAsQCA

4. Truck Stop & Station gas
Site Station gas:
Site Truck Stop:


There were two bison statues in the old Casino, as I realized from the survey. Input.
  It was then removed with the construction of the new modern casino to stop the image.
  I couldn't identify if there is another Twin statue in place.

5. Shoshone Bannock Tribal Museum
Link; ... useum.html



6. Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Justice Center
The The Fort Hall Police Department has been located in the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Justice Center.
Site Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Justice Center:
Site Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Departament Police:
Site Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Prison.
Photos vehicles:
Watch the sheriff's car from the Fort Halls Indian Reservation and Town.
Pickup with the standard colors of police cars, operate in the jurisdiction of the reserve and surrounding areas.

* side view of sheriff's car from city Fort Halls & reserve of natives. ... =3&theater ... =3&theater

Below are the image links of the common police cars used in the Indian reservation and the indigenous city.

* Vehicle. 2016.

* Vehicle. 2017. ... =3&theater ... =3&theater ... =3&theater ... =3&theater ... =3&theater ... =3&theater

Vehicle. 2018.


The strong tribal police owns 8 vehicles of this type. Dodge Chargers.
Notice: ... -vehicles/

The police on duty.

The image of the accident is very impactful this occurred on October 4, 2017, on an internal highway of the reserve. The collision between a pickup truck and a truck loaded with potatoes. The result of the accident was: 1 dead baby (on the highway), and the truck driver (in the hospital) also died, and the other 4 in the truck seriously injured.

Justice center




Indian Highway Safety
Vehicles of this type black color from Fort Hall police follows the state standard with some differences.
The function is to do the Patrol on rural highways, and interstate and national highways that pass through the indigenous territory of the Shohones.

Notice: ... 0af06.html


This is a car standard that the indigenous reserve police used in 2014.
  I have a big doubt whether this pattern, and this type of car is still used to designate the sheriff's car.
The pattern is somewhat similar to the current Road Patrol car.
  We can see the officer badge on the vehicle.
  This mystery remains, and curiosity.
  which vehicle has the police standards set up in county vehicles.

7. Fire Patrol & Rescue:




Firefighting and rescue department of the Indian reservation or operates 3 ambulances and we can see in the pictures.
  The most recent was acquired on January 9, last year 2019 and was donated by the Pocanelo fire department to prevent the ambulance from being scrapped. Being the
second ambulance of its kind that was donated with the renewal of the Pocanello city fleet, the reserve now has better coverage of rescue services.
The news points out that in 2018 alone, made 1700 Rescue calls.

Notice: ... e9919.html ... otostream/

8. Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Water Resources Department - TWRD. (US Irrigation Shop).

9. US Indian Health Services -( Hospital)

10. Fort Hall Housing Authority ... 9?hl=pt-BR


Horses races
Annual meeting of the Tribes
[youtube] ... GhG7-3W5oo[/youtube]

city Fort Hall (Indian Reservation) to Pocatello (city). Idaho.
Recommended delay setting 0.25 to get a better view of the route.
The route includes indigenous farms, and non-indigenous farms (probably). An indigenous farm with bison breeding.
An interesting random event to put on the highway parked car, rescuing over the train line between Fort Hall and Blackfott.
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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One area has a wonderful, beautiful scenic route.

N Beach Rd, St. Charles, Idaho.
1969 Eastshore Rd, , St. Charles, Idaho.

Map route: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

The main suggestion is a scenic route through Bear Lake.
Secondary suggestion is a link to the town of Ogaden through the mountains, a scenic asphalted road in UTAH and with space to farms and small town.

Below scenes from the IDAHO State Route area on Bear Lake.

Pictures: ... 6?hl=pt-BR ... 6?hl=pt-BR ... 6?hl=pt-BR

camping is too big ... 6?hl=pt-BR

IDAHO and UTAH - BORDER ... 6?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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Idaho trailer commercial plate:
Link: ... 1811741658

Contribution to research on Idaho.
  Specific commercial plate for truck trailers.




-- Ertl Idaho centinnial --
A great layout with specific and particular symbols of the State of Idaho.
I really liked this layout for the trailer, and this skin for the truck became quite a state identity.


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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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For the semi tractors, the apportioned plates have "PRP" down the left side of them. This stands for "prorate plate," which is another term for apportioned registration.


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