Idaho pre-research tips
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Idaho pre-research - Ghost cities

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There are people making good ideas on the topic of discussion about the state of idaho and based on this i intend to make a small contribution and leave it as the research record so it can be used on the state map.

It is clear that some ghost towns deserve to be highlighted among others to be on the map below a list of ghost towns that are available for the area state on Wikipedia already serves as a base: ... s_in_Idaho


Drone Burke 1 - Winter.
Drone Burke 2

Drone Burke 2 - Summer.

ID Wallace to Burke Mile Marker Tour PART 1 of 4. Canyon Road Tour, Wallace, Idaho
ID Wallace to Burke Mile Marker Tour PART 2 of 4
ID Wallace to Burke Mile Marker Tour PART 3 of 4
ID Wallace to Burke Mile Marker Tour PART 4 of 4




Silver City
Hotel - Silver city. active.
Drone footage Silver city and Cemetery

360° Silver city
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Malad Canyon - Idaho

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Malad Canyon

Good night.
we came back here to contribute to the development of the DLC IDAHO map, game American Truck Simulator. Researching Ithis beautiful nature next near close to American highway 84 in the state of idaho.
Map: ... 14.8516046

Other videos details Malad Canyon.
1 video:
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Mount Borah - Idaho

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Mount Borah
Some new information about this important mountain in the state of Idaho found that it casts a big shadow over one of the Valleys and also two very important places that could be accessible for truckers to discover and admire the mountain and also about the great event of the earthquake in 1983.

  I was able to find informational signs that exist there, the video of the youtuber that does a beautiful job of registering campgrounds in the United States and road routes also shows the existing signs, I hope that this information can be valid to make the best possible mountain it is so important for the inhabitants of the state.

Two places deserve mentioning the area where it was preserved for recording the geological history of the great earthquake of 1983, and the other. is the trail that leads to the top of the mountain. So young people will be able to learn a little about earthquake by reading these signs, and the existence of the base area to climb the mountain in the future may allow innovations such as exploration of hiking to the top of the mountain, and aerial views even better about the landscape.

A) Earthquake fault, Mount Borah, Challis, Idaho
Localization earthquarker, Mount Borah. Earthquake Interpretive Site. ... a=!3m1!1e3
reference: ... ahPeak.jpg

reference: ... 0+2003.JPG




Mount Borah casts a mountainous shadow over the eastern valley.
Reference: ... hadows.jpg

B) Borah Peak Trailhead
Climbing route to the highest mountain in the state of Idaho: Mount Borah.
Localization: ... 13.8344634

Reference photo: ... 211873038/
Reference anf other photos Borah Mountain: ... -potatoes/

2 mountain information board.

2.1 mountain information board
reference: ... 211873038/

2.2 mountain information board

3 infrastructure in the base area near the information signs and the beginning of the Mountain Trail

4 infrastructure in the base area near the information signs and the beginning of the Mountain Trail
reference: ... h-Sign.jpg
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Re: Concrete Work

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The <a href="">concrete work</a> done on these facilities is pretty amazing.
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Salmon - Idaho

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Some information that may be important to place the salmon city on the game map of idaho state.
Mechanic iconic ... 312!8i6656

Hotel ... 312!8i6656


1- Red E Mix
Concrete / pumping, washed sand & gravel, road material, septic tanks ... 312!8i6656

2- "4 July Valley" - Farms. Elk Mountain Ranch Properties.
Localization: 4th of July Creek Roas ... 13.8731704

3- Elk Bend village
Iron Creek - Angus Ranch. Localization Elk Bend
Localization: U.S 93. ... 14.0836638

Video - Angus Ranch

4- road maintenance department units.
machinery (excavators, patrols, crawler tractor), road machinery, gravel, salt, fuel, snow cleaning vehicles, (snow tractor)

Unity - Gibbonsville ... 312!8i6656

Unity - Salmon ... 312!8i6656
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Eagle Rock - Idaho.

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Eagle Rock Fountain - Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Eagle Rock River Snake
These are two symbols existing in the city and the roundabout is a recreation of the tourist and ecological attraction that is the Rock of the Eagles.
Although the street view, it gave a wrong position. I hope it will be corrected. Because the correct placement is in this link location: ... a=!3m1!1e3
It can be accessed through some nearby farms.
It would be a very interesting attraction for the game on the map of the state of Idaho.
So with the new technologies from SCS Software it would be really cool to see the eagles flying, landing in the nest, and the sounds they emit, and eventually seeing scenes of the Eagles fishing for fish and taking them to the young.

Eagle Rock Fountain - Idaho Falls

Localization: ... 312!8i6656
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

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I really liked the mapping so far it is getting a very good product to feel a good desire to drive through this state on this route.

I just want to make a comment like the feedback on the video and the construction of the map. I believe that this small town can be improved a bit and I have listed some things that could be on the map.

Forest company, Grangeville.
Street view ... 328!8i1664

Google map ... 16.1410733

The map in general is good only I think this city can have a little more realism and congratulations to the SCS Software team for the surgical precision of placing this company produces such that the position is real and is in the game American Truck Simulator DLC idaho.

Things that could be improved by adding to the map:

1. Zip Trip station oil
This gas station should be on the game map because it can be a good foothold for truck drivers as the map of the United States grows.
It is located at the junction of 2 major highways: highway 95 and highway 13. So it is a good location even for a gas station.
This gas station also works very well for the scenery and landscape of the game as it gives a little more urbanism to this city.
Perhaps it is very interesting to insert this gas station as an iconic and strategic scenario at the junction of the two highways.

Google maps. ... 16.1317593

Street view. ... 312!8i6656

2. Family Dollar
Although it is a small town, it would be interesting to make this supermarket, with the possibility of delivering loads of these products. Since this supermarket, in real life, serves thousands of people in this region, it is an important commercial establishment.

Available for sale: food (eggs, bread, milk), soft drinks, chips, household items and cleaning products (paper towels, toilet paper, soap dish, laundry detergent, bleach, mops, brooms), seasonal (decorations : Memorial Day, independence day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas products: lights, Christmas ornaments, pine trees, toys).
More information: ... lle/32040/

Google map. ... 16.1321187

Street view. ... 312!8i6656

If it is not possible to make the establishment playable. Although it is in a very good position to receive cargo (next to highway 95). If it is not possible, it would be interesting to place it as the game's scenario. It would allow a greater perception of urbanism for that city.

3. Cinema drive-in
This is a very unique place, exciting as a possibility to be created because there was an idea in my mind now that maybe the truck drivers could go to the drive-in movie theater And then they could have access to SCS Software videos and news on the movie screen drive-in.

Google map. ... 16.1070548

Street view ... 328!8i1664

Everyone is very curious to know what hides the Road 13, attractive roads it has what it can offer to the players.

--- Stites --- Road 13.
Pensando nisso e percorrendo a rodovia 13 no Street View, fica muito fácil perceber algumas coisas que poderiam estar na rodovia 13:

1. Clearwater Forest Industries
Site: More info factories and photos:
This wood company allows loads.
Street view: ... 328!8i1664

The geographic location and facilities of this company should be recreated so that players who can travel on highway 13 can have a loading option.
On the other hand, it would also be very realistic in the economic simulation of the state of Idaho.

2. Stites - Stites Ace Hardware.

Street view: ... 328!8i1664 ... 328!8i1664

Photos: ... o-gallery/ ... 1593045468

3. Stites - U.S mail ... otostream/ ... -Idaho.jpg

Kooskia ... o-gallery/ ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468 ... 1593045468

U.S mail ... otostream/

4. McCall
Another very important place that can be in the game mapped as a playable and loaded city is the city of McCall. So; we will leave the link below, where the suggestions, position markings of companies links, companies (and sites) could be loading gameplay locations for truckers in the IDAHO DLC in the American Truck Simulator ATS game.
Link: viewtopic.php?f=178&t=273819&p=1378204#p1378204
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Driving Sandpoint Idaho to Canada.

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Driving Sandpoint Idaho to Canada
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