Amtrak (TrackUS) routes.

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Amtrak (TrackUS) routes.

#1 Post by rbsanford » 18 Feb 2019 06:40

I really love that Amtrak AI trains were added in 1.33. Unfortunately I've only seen two so far, a California Zephyr (Catalina Breeze, I'm guessing, in the ATS universe) on Donner Pass, and a Coast Starlight (Pacific Moonlight?) in Weed. I haven't seen where the TrackUS trains all spawn to be sure that they're on the correct trackage, but I figured that if they aren't assigned to specific sections of track then this might be of use:


The Amtrak system map, cropped to focus on relevant states. Not only is this a good resource for current states, but obviously ones in the near future as well.
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Re: Amtrak (TrackUS) routes.

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