Personal photo album of North America roads

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Personal photo album of North America roads

#1 Post by Jbte » 05 Sep 2019 06:44

Here I share my personal photo album of roads in North America, i'll list by regions I've visited. All photos are from 2016-2019.

British Columbia, Canada:

Alberta, Canada:

Utah, USA:

Wyoming, USA:

Colorado, USA:

Texas, USA:

Montana, USA:

Idaho, USA:

Washington, USA:

Oregon, USA:

Nevada, USA:

California, USA:

Arizona, USA:

New Mexico, USA:

Chihuahua, Mexico:

Baja California, Mexico:

Durango, Mexico:

Coahuila, Mexico:

Nuevo Leon, Mexico:

Zacatecas, Mexico:

San Luis Potosi, Mexico:

Sinaloa, Mexico:

Nayarit, Mexico:

Jalisco, Mexico:

Michoacan, Mexico:

Mexico State, Mexico:

Mexico City, Mexico:

Queretaro, Mexico:

Oaxaca, Mexico:

Chiapas, Mexico:

I'll make an update next year for new photos in different areas.

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Re: Personal photo album of North America roads

#2 Post by Flemming V » 05 Sep 2019 06:54

Nice, I love to dream myself far away in your photos..

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