Log Books and Hours of Service

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Log Books and Hours of Service

#1 Post by Maritime Trucker » 07 Nov 2019 15:54

I want to discuss the integration of log books / elogs and hours of service into the game.

First I want to say that I appreciate that the driver in the game gets tired. This should be kept.

However, I have never liked that I cannot control when the driver gets up after having gone to sleep and that they are always completely rested when they wake up. I'm not so fussed about a driver being rested or not when they wake up in the game, but I really do not like not being able to get them up and going when I want to.

Second to this point is that if I choose to break the hours of service regulations in the game, and I get caught at a scale or inspection station, then I should be put out of service by the authorities in the game until I'm in compliance... just like the real way these regs are enforced.

Third point on this, is that if SCS considers what I'm describing here, keep fatigue and being sleepy seperate from hours of service compliance issues. A driver can be rested and fresh and be out of compliance, and conversely a driver can be in compliance but also utterly exhausted and not fit to drive without getting some rest.

Just some points to consider. Keep up the great work folks.

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