North American Agriculture Discussion

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Re: North American Agriculture Discussion

#81 Post by flight50 » 04 Oct 2020 18:32

@Original Sketch That link doesn't work

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Re: North American Agriculture Discussion

#82 Post by PFTW1995 » 27 Oct 2020 22:07

Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum, I'm glad to be here and am exited for more ag content.

This post I'll focus more on supply chain and the prefabs that may be needed.
For context.
I've been pulling a hopper bottom for 4 years now hauling mostly fertilizer, some grain, a little feed. Mostly in Texas and surrounding states,
as a result my posts will reflect this experience.

Local Distribution centers like the small town farmers CO-OP are a staple of the ag supply chain,
and are a much more common pick up/delivery location than the farm directly. Of course larger farms are more likely to have their own grain bins, fertilizer storage, ect.
Local distribution centers could include, liquid fertilizer tanks, Dry fertilizer barn, seed/feed pallet warehouse, grain elevator, feed mill, farm fuel tanks,
general farm supply store and other crop storage. a local distributor may have only 1, some combination of, or all of these things at one location.
of couse I don't expect each combination to end up in game. It is pretty common to see dry and liquid fertilizer at the same location.

Dry fertilizer is loaded at a variety of places, mineral fertilizers are usually mined, processed and loaded at the same location. A potash mine prefab is needed for this.
Chemical fertilizer is of course produced at chemical plants.
All types of fertilizer are brought in via ship or river barge, and can then be loaded onto trucks or trains at dry bulk port terminals. this is another needed prefab.

Throughout the year grain is loaded at local elevators and farmers bins and delivered to other elevators, port terminals, flour mills, feed mills, ethanol fuel plants
and cattle feed yards. and of course during harvest grain is loaded on the field directly from the combine harvester or "chaser buggy".
I have seen some models in the Idaho DLC of the metal grain bins, but none of the larger concrete variety, (its possible I just missed them) concrete elevators are common
in many situations such as flour mills, port terminals and other end users for storage.

Currently grain loads are way to light in game, but I expect there will be accurate volume weights once the move is made away from generic "Grain". Had to throw that in.

Feed is often a secondary/bi-product of grain, DDG (dried distilled grain) is a Bi-product of turning corn into ethanol fuel, "wheat mids" is a bi-product of wheat milled into flour.
these products and others such as, soybean meal, whole grain, mineral calcium, and other mined minerals are all used as animal food ingredients, and are delivered to,
industrial feed mills, local feed mills, livestock feed yards and pet food plants.

I haven't hauled liquid fertilizer yet so a post involving that will come later.

Thanks to the other posters and especially to Flight50 for starting this thread!
Flight50, I believe we met on the last day of GATS 2019, it took me quiet some time to actually join the form but I'm here now!

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Re: North American Agriculture Discussion

#83 Post by flight50 » 28 Oct 2020 02:58

@PFTW1995 Welcome to the forum. I am sure your post can be pretty useful to the devs. I remember several from GATS but I can't say I remember a lot on the last day, lol. Apologies. Did we meet at the truck parking lot on the Fairgrounds or at the convention center? Did you meet the (3) devs from SCS that attended the show? @Kraake was one of them. He is in charge of all research at SCS. He may find your info you just posted ^^^ useful and can consider it as part of research.

If you have more to share, please knock yourself out, lol. The more info, the more chances they may be able to find a way to use it. I think Ag in ATS can be several times larger than what we currently have. Its one of the deepest industries that can come to ATS.

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