"Province de Québec" Research Thread

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"Province de Québec" Research Thread

#1 Post by GabrielT » 22 Nov 2020 03:12

Bonjour / Hello,

I want to start this thread and have it in the list of public research. As I have time I will keep on adding stuff.

First off, in Canada, it is the responsibility of the province to plan, build and maintain their roads through the provincial ministry of transportation.
In Québec, it is called the MTQ ( Ministère des Transports du Québec).

French language is used on most signs and reassurance shields (cardinal points). Bilingual signs are used in and around the island of Montréal (most in the west of the island and around major bridges but it is very limited to cardinal points and stop signs that are only STOP or both ARRÊT and STOP on one same sign).

Right hand turns on a red light are permitted throughout the province.
Right hand turns on a red light are not permitted where prohibition signs are in place on the light pole (some of them even have time constraint, say from 7AM to 7PM no right turn permitted at red light).
Right hand turns on a red light are not permitted on the whole island of Montréal (signs indicating prohibition are at all entrances of the island and not on every light pole; so for drivers not usually driving in Montréal it is very easy to forget to not to turn... :lol: ). Image

work in progress more to add
Province of Ontario:
Province de Québec :

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