Fontaine Phantom 48' x 96" [Released!]

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Fontaine Phantom 48' x 96" [Released!]

#1 Post by Smarty » 09 Aug 2015 15:37

Readme and Credits

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-Fontaine Phantom by Smarty-

The Fontaine Phantom was an all-aluminum flatbed produced between 2005-2007 (ish).

Corby - Hendrickson Intraax suspension

Install into "My Documents\18 WoS Pedal to the Metal\". You will need to add the 'steelroll'
and 'skidoo' cargos to appropriate companies as explained below. You can also change which
toolbox appears on each trailer by editing the description.def to use 'toolbox_a' or
'toolbox_b' or even remove the line entirely if you don't want toolboxes.

Derivative works policy
As always, mods are not only welcome, but encouraged. That said, I have put a lot of work
into this trailer, so the following apply:
-Any derivative work MUST include this original 'readme'
-Any posting of derivative work MUST include proper credits:
  That includes the credits list above, and attribution to myself, either as "Smarty" or "Alec Espie"
-You may only use my work for NON-COMMERCIAL use. I don't make money off this, and neither should you!


Q: I can't find the files or folders I need to edit/install to!
A: You will need to unzip your base.scs file. It is found in
   "C:\Program Files\18 WoS Pedal to the Metal". Simply make a copy of it and rename
   the copy to and unzip into your "My Documents\18 WoS Pedal to the Metal" folder.

Q: How do I add cargos to company defs?
A: Navigate to "My Documents\18 WoS Pedal to the Metal\defs\companies" and select the company
   you want to edit. The 'produce' line is a list of cargos which originate at the company's
   terminals. The number after the colon (:) is the relative frequency that that cargo is
   produced. So 'steelroll:0.5' would appear half as often as a cargo with a frequency of 1.
   Each entry is separated with a vertical bar (|) with the whole list being enclosed by quotes (").
   The 'accept' line is a list of cargos accepted by that company, again separated by vertical bars.

Q: Can I convert this to [yadda yadda other game]?
A: Sure thing! Just make sure you respect my derivative works policy above!

Q: Your site is awesome! How do I get my stuff on there?
A: Shoot me a PM on the Truck Mod Shop forum and we'll work something out.
Release Images

Download Here

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Re: Fontaine Phantom 48' x 96" [Released!]

#2 Post by Mario_extreme2 » 13 Sep 2019 05:13

Hey dear, i'd like to know If the skybox you're using is private, If no please send me the link, thanks :D

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