Huge US Map mod minimap bug

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Re: Huge US Map mod minimap bug

#11 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 09 Aug 2020 12:05

@BMUniverse that is true it was the only mirror site i knew which had that map mod, i hardly now found a link of Soccerstudio's huge us map mod.
I updated the link in the post, i don't know if it is advertising and that the moderators could allow this final link to be posted here.
@Danki_USSR hope this link fixes your minimap issue,if you have problems lower your game resolution,i use 1024x768.
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Re: Huge US Map mod minimap bug

#12 Post by selonik » 09 Oct 2020 07:24

Link to the map who requested it.

I have a group on Facebook where there are a large number of mods for 18 Steel Wheels, if you are still interested in this game, go.

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