Canadian cities in the schedule

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Re: Canadian cities in the schedule

#11 Post by n4gix » 01 Jul 2014 18:20

Axel Slingerland wrote:I think I've heard of that. Isn't it near Idiotopia? Image
Yes, Idiotopia is just to our West (or is it East?). Whatever.

You didn't prompt me for the next silly bits by asking the obvious follow up question though... :cry:

Q: "What language do Gibberians speak?"

A: "Why Gibberish of course! Don't be completely daft!"

Q: "What dialect of Gibberish do you speak?"

A: "Regional dialects are closely related to the Province of Gibberia one lives in. Since I live in the Province (which is not-so-coincidently the size of my 50'x100' home's lot) of "Utter" I'll leave it to you to figure out. My neighboring Provinces of "Total" and "Random" are completely unintelligible to me."

Q: "What does the written language look like?"

A: "Imagine I was typing this reply using QWERTY touch-typing but on a AZERTY keyboard. That would be a close approximation. Typing using Webdings font is a bit closer though..."
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Re: Canadian cities in the schedule

#12 Post by spiner980 » 02 Jul 2014 21:46

It is obvious that somebody from SCS had invented a new traveling equipment... FLYING BUS :D

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Re: Canadian cities in the schedule

#13 Post by Axel Slingerland » 03 Jul 2014 07:41

That would be a different game, Euro Flying Bus Simulator. Image
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