Music on off in game options not behaving

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Music on off in game options not behaving

#1 Post by Uzi » 08 Jul 2014 16:12

I did several searches and found no posts on this topic. Forgive me if my search skills prove to be poor.

Latest version of the game from Steam.

Windows 7 64 bit, Nvidia video card.

In game options there is a setting to disable in game music when in the menus.
If one exercises this option to disable the annoying music (yes I think it is) the game fails to remember this setting
if one uses the in game Radio function at all, or at least for sure if one uses the in game radio to play MP3 files.

If one does that then the next time one starts the game the game toggles in game menus music back ON.

As long as the player never touches the in game radio, the game remembers the desired setting.

Which is OFF. Grin.

Minor bug but probably a easy fix I hope.
Thanks for the great game.

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