Unfairly Fined for Red Signal Offence

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Re: Unfairly Fined for Red Signal Offence

#21 Post by WhiteLineFever » 26 Aug 2015 17:39

Then again you could always treat traffic signals as in real life.....if they have been green for a long while before you get there , expect them to change and be ready to stop !!
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Re: Unfairly Fined for Red Signal Offence

#22 Post by Axel Slingerland » 26 Aug 2015 18:17

I just drive at or below the speed limit whenever I am around traffic signals. (IRL, of course...) If you are within 100 feet or so of a signal when the light turns yellow, you can't stop all that easily. But then again, our signals have countdown timers on the pedestrian Walk \ Don't Walk crossing lights, so I can see when green is going to turn yellow long before I get to the corner. When I get to that 100 feet or so of a signal, if there is no number on the Walk \ Don't Walk light, the light isn't going to change in the next ten seconds. If there is a number higher than 4, I keep going as I know I have time to get through the intersection before the light changes. If it's below 4 I hit the brakes because I know I don't.
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