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1.13 A36 - Gap in Scenery

Posted: 30 Oct 2014 16:20
by DanielCoffey
Bug : Gap in scenery visible from A36, France
Version :
Location : A36 gap in scenery ; [30/10/2014 14:21] (sec-0005+0004);-17401.4;106.268;17869.1

When driving on the A36 there is what appears to be a tiny gap in the scenery which I thought was related to draw distance at first but when I went to look, there is a significant gap in the hillside. Verified on a No Mods profile.

View from road... ( -17869.4;45.5579;18080.9 )

View at location of gap... ( -17401.4;106.268;17869.1 )