Flying speck in some tollgate prefabs [10281]

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Flying speck in some tollgate prefabs [10281]

#1 Post by CaptainFlint » 02 Nov 2014 14:08

There is a tollgate prefab which contains a small speck of something flying in the air. I noticed it in many places; for example, here is one of the tollgates to the west of Torino:

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 Flying speck ; [10/08/2014  22:19] (sec-0005+0007);-16653.3;36.5419;30920.2
When you drive through that tollgate in the direction to Torino by the innermost (left-hand) lane, just at the exit you can see that something small flies past your truck (actually, it's you're moving past it).

I took screenshots from two angles to see it more clearly.
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Re: Flying speck in some tollgate prefabs

#2 Post by Mechyas » 04 Nov 2014 10:57

QA = 10281



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