Major Graphical Glitch (Mac)

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Major Graphical Glitch (Mac)

#1 Post by SJH8502 » 18 Apr 2015 10:38

After using the trackpad gestures to swipe out of the game on my Mac after pressing ESC in-game to return to the main menu I then re-entered the game and the above glitch happened.
Game Version: (64-bit)
No specific location, Can happen anywhere.
Always reproducible.

Before you ask: No, I am not using any mods.
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Re: Major Graphical Glitch (Mac)

#2 Post by NiceguyChris89 » 18 Apr 2015 14:18

Yep. This is already in the Camera Issue thread. Currently no fix yet but there's already been at least four beta builds of 1.17 that I'm aware of, with many more to come before the 7th May I'm sure.

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