Can't create new prefab locator

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Can't create new prefab locator

#1 Post by Kororuz » 13 Jun 2021 09:32

Hey guys! I'm trying to edit one of the standard prefabs in a Blender. I'm create new prefab locator (type: sign) with garbage bin model. I save the project, export the files, connect the modification, but there are no changes in the game. Ok. As an experiment, I try to simply move the existing locator to another place. But nothing changes in the game... Another locator types work fine. Need some kind of data registration? Help sort it out please

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Re: Can't create new prefab locator

#2 Post by shadowyue » 14 Jun 2021 03:06

I think it is ...
When you add the prefab model into the map, then you edit the sign locator on prefab.
And you must add signs again before you delete the signs in the prefab properties.

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