Some basic questions...

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Some basic questions...

#1 Post by Dainsleif » 14 Jul 2017 13:58

Hi, I managed to teach myself how to use blender2scs but BT is a book with seven seals of hell to me. I can't find answers on some of the basics although I've been looking for weeks now. I guess most of the questions have already been answered elsewhere but the forum search always turns up empty.

1) I extraced the base.scs an ran it through ConverterPix. The resulting base_exp is the base file I use to import trucks. Is this the correct way to go about importing a truck?

2) How do I go about exporting and converting a truck without having to convert the whole base file?

3) How do I import a modded truck, e.g. Ohaha's DAF? How do I get the mod's files and the base file to work together, do I need to copy the mod's files over to the base folder and use that as base?

4) Almost allways there are some problems with the shaders. I look up the used shaders for each piece in the pim file, and then select the respective shader from the list of shaders in BT, however whenever I select "dif.spec.add_env" nothing happens, my selection is ignored. Why? Is there a way of getting rid of the shader problem once and for all?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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