GIANTs Editor vs BlenderTools

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GIANTs Editor vs BlenderTools

#1 Post by Dogface » 07 May 2017 14:53

I am curious what people, who have used them both, think about the two setups. BlenderTools runs inside Blender, while GIANTs Editor is a standalone program.

Of course, there may be programming or game engine reasons for the two different approaches.


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Re: GIANTs Editor vs BlenderTools

#2 Post by tinusman » 08 May 2017 14:46

With blender tools , you can create 3d model and complete export/convert Models for ETS2 and ATS.

The Giant works totaly different. It`s more for adding or adjusting some extra parts..but hard to create new 3d Models.
There for you need a Max_i3d_exporter or Blender_i3d_exporter
and create your model in Blender or Max 3d.

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