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Terrain Points Vertex Normal Issue

Posted: 30 Jul 2020 10:27
by flintstone73
Hi Folks :)

Once again me with another Terrain Points issue. :roll:

If in Blender i managed to get the Terrain Points assigned for Node-Controls. For my Node Control # 1 it looks like this in Blender itself....


So well..... I thought this must work.... But however when opening ETS2-Editor and activate Terrain Points on the Prefab for Node # 1 i got this.... :cry:


For me it looks that the vertex normals are more and more spread angular, the more the assigned vertex is away from the prefab Origin.

Now my 1000 Dollar question.... Is there a way to get the vertex normals spread straight as expected ?? :?:

Re: Terrain Points Vertex Normal Issue

Posted: 31 Jul 2020 19:41
by flintstone73
The "Problem" solved itself, when i was putting other street parts to the End Nodes.

Seems that the Standard behavior somehow! (?) :geek: