Need help installing a '52 Bullnose KW

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Re: Need help installing a '52 Bullnose KW

#21 Post by TruckHer » 29 Mar 2017 18:11

Thanks to Gabriel in Montreal I finally got this truck in "Haulin'". All the information on this and several other forums was wrong!


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Re: Need help installing a '52 Bullnose KW

#22 Post by rupeshoo7 » 09 Sep 2020 14:05

I've found that after I add the incorporate lines to the suitable organizer and go into the game the truck despite everything doesn't appear in the game. The explanation may be that when I go to spare the document subsequent to adding the line the authorization to spare the adjustment in the file organizer is denied! Consequently when I emerge from the game and check the lines in the BASE organizer they're no more! Would anyone be able to out there perusing this provide me some insight with regards to what I need to do to keep these lines in their organizers so the truck appears in the game? Any assistance would be enormously refreshing!

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