Trying on Blender

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Trying on Blender

#1 Post by Icyn » 07 Mar 2020 00:22

So... i decided try to start tomake my own mods,but i don't have idea how to do that,i've been seen some videos but don't have so much videos about scs blender on youtube,so if someone could help me
I would be grateful

So I ve imported a truck but i dont know nothing after take off colisions,how edit the truck, how apply an texture,how i erase the truck variants and things like that.I know how to walk trhough blender interface but no on the scs tools...

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Re: Trying on Blender

#2 Post by bobgrey1997 » 07 Mar 2020 00:42

Try looking at the SCS Modding Wiki and doing research on this forum (there are tons of threads and guides here) to find the information you want. Blender is way too complicated of a program for any one guide to explain it all. Do some digging in this forum first and try to piece it together as you need it. Chances are that any one issue you run into, so has someone else here. Their thread about that issue likely contains the solution.

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