2 Projects together

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2 Projects together

#1 Post by FreD_ » 09 Aug 2019 08:34

Since i do a lot of Projects together - for now it's 2 i was searching for a way to work on them together in different Blender Files with Different Conversion Tools.

it was annoying to always switch Conversion Tools to not have Files from the other Project in my new Project and also to always "clear the Cache" with over 5000 Stored Files and reexporting them.

So how does it work?


SCS Project Base Path - should be Clear (differs from your used Project)
Everything other stays the same instead of:

Conversion Tools Path

Conversion Tools store all the Files you Packed already for your Mod in it's Cache.

Just Copy the Conversion Tools Folder, rename it - for Example: conversion_tools_2_8sc
And then Change it on your second Project - and make sure atm you copy the Tools Folder that nothing is in Cache. (just clear the cache one Time via Blender)

Why is this useful?

You can work now on 2 different Projects and you dont have to clear the Cache and Repack everything again.

If you have any Problems, just ask.


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Re: 2 Projects together

#2 Post by tinusman » 09 Aug 2019 20:14

Thanks for sharing FreD_
What I do is a little different, to be able to work on more DIFFERENT blender files.
first ; download the zip version of blender (different releases like 2.69 and 2.8 or some times even an older one)
Unpack the zip in a folder , named Blendertools xx , Blender2SCS, Blendergiants, etc.

to have different, standalone, NOT interfering installations:
make, before first starting and configurating blender, a folder called config in the 2.8 or 2.79 subfolder where you unpacked the zip.
in that map you see now folder names like:

Now you can config and add addons you need toghether in every seperate Blender (installation) folder.
P.S. Don`t forget to save startupfile after your configuration.

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