Sequential Transmission / Clutch activation

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Sequential Transmission / Clutch activation

#1 Post by PravusObzen » 22 Apr 2015 01:19

I know this is not really a bug, I'm just not sure where else to post this. Feel free to move this to a more suited area for discussion.

I play with a Xbox 360 Controller...
Sometime I make the mistake of forgetting to downshift before coming to a stop. I hit the gas and whoops, i'm in 12th gear. So, I try downshifting but the clutch is engaged and the engine is at 0 RPM from trying to start off in 12th. Because of the new shifting logic, it takes much longer to get back to first gear. I usually just spam the downshift button, and end up in reverse, haha.

If trying to start off in too high of a gear could stall the engine, that would make the clutch disengage after restarting the engine. I could get to the proper gear quickly. Or, if 100% braking application would disengage the clutch 100% of the time while already at a stop, that would work too. Theres bound to be a solution for this, mainly me downshifting before I come to a stop, haha. But still, it's a minor issue and a slight annoyance since the new shifting logic was implemented.

Thanks for your time and hard work :)

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Re: Sequential Transmission / Clutch activation

#2 Post by Max » 22 Apr 2015 09:24

most important change in sequential transmission is timing. shift itself is slower.
but you can still pres downshift button three times and truck will downshift by three gears during the one shifting.
another option for fast and massive downshift is to go though neutral as there can be set button for shift to 0 especially (see option/keyboard).
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