Dirver seat noise

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Dirver seat noise

#1 Post by ADONISCY » 23 Apr 2015 12:19

Hi guys,

I was talking with another player of ETS2 who is a formal truck driver and he told me to report in these forums that the driver seat is sounding like the start of the printing machine, and he asks if you can change those sounds with the sounds of the modern seats; compressed air and not too loud.

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Re: Dirver seat noise

#2 Post by hotfozz » 25 Apr 2015 06:40

I don't know man, first sound that we hear is this printing machine :)
Sound Recording Session - DAF XF Euro 6
I agree though - more compressed air sound would be awesome, same as more mild bumps on the road to make it more real.

Still, new DAF has the most realistic and awesome sounds in the game and as I love Scania I'm always coming back to the DAF because of how it feels and sounds. Hope SCS will improve other trucks too.

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