Scania Streamline Gearbox Issue

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Scania Streamline Gearbox Issue

#1 Post by Baja_002 » 25 Apr 2015 23:40

Not sure if this can be addressed as a bug; but when hauling something, automatic gearbox will shift x2 gears (N - D2 - D4...) and this causes problems.

I'm not able to upload video because (F U T-Mobile) of my upload speeds; I'll try to describe it...

When hauling 20t load, I've enabled the automatic transmission, I've noticed that truck kept changing gears too often. This happens more often on slight up hills and especially when joining highway like here Image. Basically, truck accelerates in gear 8 and shifts to gear 10, this causes loss of power and momentum; after that truck shifts back to gear 8 until it accelerates just to shift back to gear 10... this could go on forever and it's really annoying as it is now.

Basically when you go up the hill it does this: 8-10-8-10-8... rather than 8-9-10 (in this case it wouldn't have to go back to 8 each time)

Hopefully you know what I'm talking about; tested on latest public beta version with no mods, used keyboard only.

Here is a very awful video of what happens, switch to 1080p in the right lower corner to be able to see something, uploaded on mediafire player HERE. Notice how truck goes from 8 to 10 and back to 8 again

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