map? [NOT A BUG]

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map? [NOT A BUG]

#1 Post by JohnnyBoy59 » 26 Apr 2015 16:11

Did ask before, didn't answer :( Not at happy at all this way.
The game tell me is on, but there is not a map of scandinia in the beta in the game :(
Did around 1.4Gb downloading but a didn't maps at all.
Where the hell the map is?

I like the game, but why only the beta without the maps?


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Re: map???

#2 Post by TruckerKid » 26 Apr 2015 16:44

Scandinavia isn't part of the beta... It's DLC only and will only be available in game once its available to purchase and you've bought it. Which, by the way, will be released on the 7th of May.

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Re: map???

#3 Post by Reef » 26 Apr 2015 17:11

Since when has a BETA build meant "Free access to paid DLC features" ?

I'm an official SCS Beta tester for the base ETS2 game, guess what, I don't have access to Scandinavia either!

Stop being so self entitled and just enjoy the game you've got, and if you're lucky maybe Mummy and Daddy will buy you the Scandinavian DLC when its released!

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