1.17 and Logitech driving force gt

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Re: 1.17 and Logitech driving force gt

#11 Post by Reef » 03 Jun 2015 08:06

G27 user here and I have to swap settings when going between ETS2 and FS15, mainly due to having to select/deselect "report combined pedals" and I use hardly any FFB in FS because doing continuous U-turns on the headland can be a right 'pain in the arms' if you have it set too high, whereas if it's too loose in ETS2 it makes you feel somewhat detached.

Like SiSl though I only ever change these values in the Global Settings because I have never had any success using game profiles with the profiler, it always gets overridden by the Global settings for some reason which to me kinda defeats the object of the game specific customisable profiles :?

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Re: 1.17 and Logitech driving force gt

#12 Post by Mister.EXE » 03 Jun 2015 08:17

Strangely, the settings are the same, but not as Unco on video
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