Cargo Bugs with updated cargoes...

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Pers Kärpänen
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Cargo Bugs with updated cargoes...

#1 Post by Pers Kärpänen » 14 Mar 2016 04:28

Empty Pallets weigh 21 tons? What the hell are those pallets made of? Casted Iron?? I' d say something like 5-8 tons is more like it with regular wooden or plastic pallets that weigh around 7-10 kg a peace.

The same weigh problem with clothes. What are those clothes weight 21 tons? Suit of armor?

Potted flowers only 3 tons? What are they? There is no dirt or clay involved here? Maybe you didn't know, that you can pack also plant into layers with those trolleys or pallets, using more than just the trailer floor to plant them. You can make it up to 10 tons easily...

Just saying...
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Re: Cargo Bugs with updated cargoes...

#2 Post by ohaha » 14 Mar 2016 06:56

based on dear ol' Google, an empty pallet weighs 25kg, so, if you try filling up a semi trailer, you'd probably arrive at 12.5 - 13 tons.
for the rest, I wouldn't know, but I don't think it's that impossible to have tons of fabric, when packed tightly.
in the other direction, you can basically have anything above 0, when hauling something, since no rule states the trailer has to be full, especially when delicate freight is involved (flowers etc.)

just my $0.02
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