Having trouble with game mods & had other file ?'s

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Having trouble with game mods & had other file ?'s

#1 Post by ChrisCanfield » 21 May 2016 05:16

I am having some difficulty in trying to get existing game mods, for this game, to properly come up when u try to launch a new game or load an existing game, when u, say try to order a new tractor &/or a trailer from the list of vehicles: THEY ARE NOT SHOWING UP IN THE LIST of available tractors & trailers to order from !

Also, had some other game file questions . . . .
1. The existing tractor & trailer files in the installed game file path, WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED ?,


2. Is there a way to edit existing truck game files, to add text graphics to say, on the back wall of a tractor that reads: "HEAVY HAUL" or something to that effect ?

PLEASE CONTACT ME if someone out there has any answers to these issues.

Chris Canfield.

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