Iveco Hi-Way Interior Texture Bug

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Iveco Hi-Way Interior Texture Bug

#1 Post by TruckerKid » 21 Sep 2015 20:31

I discovered a texture bug in the interior of the Iveco Hi-Way under the center of the dashboard (marked in the red circle).

Link to Image -

Gamelog -

Code: Select all

Profile with NO mods
All DLC - Excluding Prehistoric DLC
Game Version 1.20
NOTE: I would also like to mention that the interior doesn't appear to have any AO baking applied to it as well (If I need to, I will create a separate topic on that).

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Re: Iveco Hi-Way Interior Texture Bug [MOD]

#2 Post by Dr doom » 22 Sep 2015 08:44

QA: 20349

Ps: moderators, this is not a mod bug, please change the title.

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Re: Iveco Hi-Way Interior Texture Bug [MOD]

#3 Post by Reef » 22 Sep 2015 08:51

It was dismissed as a mod bug (I don't know who by) I think because of the fact that his log is showing he is using multiple mods, It was incorrect for it to be assumed a mod related bug and hopefully the next time a GM checks a log he bears this in mind.


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