[Guide] [1.22+] Mod icon/image limitations and how-to-do

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[Guide] [1.22+] Mod icon/image limitations and how-to-do

#1 Post by Magnum-driver » 18 Mar 2017 20:34

First: All moderators and admins are free to update and correct any (mis)information in this thread.

Also, if you're completely new to modding, you might benefit by starting with this topic: [GUIDE] [] Getting started with modding.

Everyone who's new to modding might reach the point where they kicks their heads against the walls in rage over not being able to have the ingame mod manager recognise their mod icon, me included. So therefore do I want to make the relevant information a lot easier for newbies to find by making this guide thing. Calling this a guide might be an insult to the guide genre, so I apologise for doing it. But anyway...

When thinking of making a mod icon/image, you should start with deciding if the mod is to be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, or not. The reason is simple: The required icon resolution for the workshop is far bigger than the required resolution for the mod manager, so in my opinion the most effective work order is to make the icon for the workshop first, and simply copy it and decrease the size for having it fitting the requirement for the ingame mod manager. If you do not plan to upload to the workshop, you can simply skip that part of this guide.

Mod icon to Steam Workshop:

First, here's the current requirements for Steam Workshop:
  • Resolution: 640 pixels width x 360 pixels height
  • Maximum filesize: 1 megabyte
It doesn't matter where this image is stored since it's uploaded parallel with the mod when using the SCS Workshop Uploader, but placing it within the folder containing the particular mod will cause an upload error. I won't go into how it works, but here's a useful video about uploading to the workshop:

Mod icon to mod in /mod/:

Now, we've reached the optional mod icon that is a must for all mods: A mod icon that shows up in the mod manager when the mod is contained in the /mod/ folder.
More specifically each mod consists of a folder containing at least:
  • The modified file(s) in correct folder hierarchy
  • manifest.sii
Decent mods also contains at least:
  • Mod description
  • Mod icon
The requirements for a mod icon:
  • Resolution: 276 pixels width x 162 pixels height
  • Maximum filesize: 20 kilobytes
Make sure:
  • The mod icon is within the limitations mentioned.
  • The mod icon is in the folder for the particular mod
  • The mod icon is correctly addressed in manifest.sii
And that's the end of this guide. If you still have trouble, I am afraid I'm not wise enough to help.

Useful relevant threads and SCS modding wiki articles:
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