How to make a physics pennant in Blender?

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How to make a physics pennant in Blender?

#1 Post by SCS1833 » 29 May 2020 14:30

I can make static cabin accessories, but I really know nothing about physics cabin accessories.
The problem is "In blender, I need to click what to add physics for my rope and pennant? I am a newbie~~"
1. How to fix the rope on the glass by scs blender tool?
2. How to make the pennant have a cloth effect without falling off the rope by scs blender tool?
How is all of the above done using the SCS blender tool?
In SCS Cabin Accessory DLC, I found a lot of properties about rope.
Why set physics in def?

how does it connect with xxx.blender's rope modes?

Pls help me
Thank you!


Code: Select all

accessory_hookup_int_data :  f_scania.addon_hookup
	name: "Scania Pennant"
	price: 75
	unlock: 0
	icon: "flag_scania.dlc_toys"

	model:			"/vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_decors/toyglass/sucker_01.dlc_toys.pmd"
 	coll:	                "/vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_decors/toyglass/sucker_01.dlc_toys.pmc"

	data[]: .f_scania.phys_data

	suitable_for[]: "set_glass"
physics_toy_data : .f_scania.phys_data
	phys_model:		"/vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_decors/toyglass/triangle.dlc_toys.pmd"   
  	phys_model_coll:	"/vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_decors/toyglass/triangle.dlc_toys.pmc"
  	phys_model_look: scania
  	rope_material:		"/material/ropes/rope_black.mat"

	toy_type:		"TT_double_rope"		# TT_rope, TT_double_rope, TT_joint
	toy_mass:		0.1				# toy mass
	linear_damping:		0.99

	linear_stiffness: 	1.0				# rope - influences rope springing
	locator_hook_offset:	(0.0f, 0.0015f, -0.0035f)	# offset of connection point on hook against toy locator

	# definitions valid only for toys with rope
	rope_width:		0.002				# width of rope
	rope_length:		0.05				# length of rope, in the case of double_rope, distance between hook and toy
	rope_hook_offset:	0.005				# double_rope - distance between hooks, locator is in the middle
	rope_toy_offset:	0.045				# double_rope - distance between rope tingles at toy
	rope_resolution:	3				# number of inner nodes of rope, except end nodes with anchors
	rope_linear_density:	1.0				# density, i.e. weight of rope per 1 m of length
	position_iterations:	4				# number of iterations in position solver
	node_damping:		0.99				# rope node velocity damping


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Re: How to make a physic pennant in Blender?

#2 Post by Etrusan » 29 May 2020 14:49

Physics are done in the .sii file. The model itself needs a collision that will define how it behaves (coupled with the .sii of course).
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Re: How to make a physic pennant in Blender?

#3 Post by SCS1833 » 03 Jun 2020 04:08

Thanks for the reply.
It is regrettable that SCS seems to only generate xy plane cloth, just like the def of the flag.
If the cloth is other shape, I don’t know how to generate the cloth.

About in-car physics, scs does not have a multi-section skeletal physics system.
TT joint in def seems to only allow one axis(root) to swing, what if there are multiple axes that want to swing?

If there is a way to achieve it?
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