No speed tables at Danish borders ;)

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Re: No speed tables at Danish borders ;)

#21 Post by CJ25 » 26 Mar 2016 13:51

and what should i report, where should i make a screen when i am reporting not a bug, but something that not exist???

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Re: No speed tables at Danish borders ;)

#22 Post by Cadde » 26 Mar 2016 14:46

Plykkegaard isn't even working for SCS Software. Only guys wearing Orange are in direct affiliation with SCS Software.
But, just like plykkegaard said, if there isn't an assigned BUG ID then something is missing with the report OR they just forgot to edit the threads title OR they aren't going to be fixing it.

If that's not good enough for you then what can i say, at least they read your report and even responded on it. If it really bothers you that much then by all means, fix it yourself.
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