Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

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Re: Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

#11 Post by Bullet Purveyor » 02 Apr 2016 04:02

I have the same thing.
Running Nvidia Surround 1920x1080x3 and TrackIR, the right mirrors freezes randomly. If I turn my view a little to the right they start updating again.
Maybe it's a feature to save processing power when mirrors are not in view, which doesn't work as intended with multiple screens. :?:
If that is the case, please make it an option we can toggle off.

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Re: Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

#12 Post by SiSL » 02 Apr 2016 05:50

This might not be a mod bug but game function about freezing "(normally) out-of-sight" cameras like mirrors.

Due to not having 3 monitor setup, I can not confirm that. Let's hope a developer that can replicate right setup for that.

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Re: Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

#13 Post by Ragnar » 08 Sep 2018 04:49

Were you guys ever able to find a solution to this?

I'm running Eyefinity, 5760x1080, with 50 FoV, and the right side mirrors will freeze and stop updating. They work if I pull back to a wider FoV like 70, but don't work at 50 FoV - possibly because they're at the edge of the screen, and the game thinks they're off the screen?

I noticed that if I turn on the right virtual mirror, than the main right side mirror will update along with it, and if I turn off the right virtual mirror than the right side mirror will freeze. The right small mirror is constantly frozen.

I did more testing with a clean profile, and I found that I could reproduce the bug 100% of the time in an Iveco Stralis or Iveco Hi Way truck. The right side small mirror is constantly frozen when looking straight, and only updates if I look at it. The right side large mirror will update as long as I have the virtual mirror on, and will freeze unless I turn to look at it with the virtual mirror off.

Here's a screenshot of the right small mirror completely off while driving:

I tried a Volvo FH16 truck, and there the right side large mirror worked even with the virtual mirror off, but the right side small mirror was similarly frozen unless I turned to look at it.

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Re: Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

#14 Post by HAILONGSG » 24 May 2020 17:01

Hi I am new here, I also encounter the same issue with Eyefinity, 5760x1080. May I know if you have find a solution instead of turn the virtual mirror? Many Thanks
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Re: Right mirror freeze on 3 monitors na trackir [MOD]

#15 Post by TorukM4kt00 » 26 Dec 2020 13:40

Inside the game already in the truck Press the F4 key three times in a row to reach the seat adjustment option. Then press the "N" key until 40 ° appears. Press "F4" again now your mirror should work properly, this must be done on all trucks you use.

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