Sounds in the cabin[NOT A BUG]

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Sounds in the cabin[NOT A BUG]

#1 Post by micro42 » 10 Mar 2016 03:55

Sounds at the sight of the cabin in all trucks are incorrect when you pass the road obstacles such as curbs or rising across the strip at the entrance to the gates of companies, there is a terrible sound of axes, as if I turned on the outside view of the truck, and I'm sitting on the axis. But at the sight of the cabin when driving through speed bumps should be heard only sounds like a dashboard rattles and objects in the cabin. These sounds have been implemented in earlier versions. They need to turn to the right place.

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Re: Sounds in the cabin

#2 Post by Drive Safely » 10 Mar 2016 06:40

Very true. In the meantime you can check out the Sound Fixes Pack and see if the variety of suspension sounds suit your taste: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=192590

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Re: Sounds in the cabin

#3 Post by Loutis » 10 Mar 2016 08:11

Hey yo !

actually these sounds were recorded in actual truck so they are precisely as they should be, although we did enhanced them a bit to compensate for actual physical "bum" bump that would make that feeling of obstacle far more casual and foreseen.

So if you don't exactly like it, that is totally okay with us (like for me I don't like sound that my car is doing when hitting some bumps on road) and you can customize that with any current mod that suits you just about right (although don't report any issue with that since we don't fix game with mods installed and enabled) to make that feeling of driving a truck as precise for your expectations as you would like it to be (sadly there is no mod that would fix my car noises, it's like smashing suppression system with a large planet-sized Mjölnir, quite noisy indeed)

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