Volvo FV16 does not create enough air pressure

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Volvo FV16 does not create enough air pressure

#1 Post by Mikkeos » 07 Apr 2016 15:37

Hi, no mods installed ever.

I had a little bit of an accident with my Volvo FV16 for just a few %% of damage, 4-6% total, IIRC.

After taking the ferry a bit later, I could not get the tuck moving again. Air pressure had dropped to 0, the air break did not release any longer.

Truck got towed to the next station, and all damage had been fixed.

When trying to start, air pressure still was at 0.
Okay, I waited fora few minutes - still nothing.
Half an hour ingame later, with the engine running and gas slowly being drained, air pressure still was at 0.

To get the truck rolling again, I had to disable air break systems in the options, and wait a minute with the engine running to get the pressure back (as expected with the repaired system).

Once the pressure was back to normal, the issue did not re-appear, even after re-enabling the air break system in the options.

The issue was carried over though save/reload though.
First at the ferry, and then after repairing, the issue did not disappear through save/reload. Air pressure did not build up enough to open the air breake.

After a few minor incidents, I could not get the issue to re-appear or replicate it in any way, on the Volvo or the DAF I picked up afterwards. I did not get the air system to be damaged since.

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Volvo FV16 does not create enough air pressure

#2 Post by andreysteago » 28 May 2018 22:10

Does it work at all for you or was it a temp glitch?

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