TomTom navigation for all trucks [v2.2] 17/01/2017 (CLOSED)

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Re: TomTom navigation for all trucks [v2.2] 17/01/2017

#31 Post by nerfipro174 » 03 Feb 2017 21:14

It's really good, but... the screen is too bright :< Is it possible to reduce the brightness?

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Re: TomTom navigation for all trucks [v2.2] 17/01/2017

#32 Post by stevieb71 » 04 Feb 2017 11:59

Cracking mod, it appriciated.

But like a few have said, is there anyway to turn the brightness down.

I'm using the T Cab Scania.


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Re: TomTom navigation for all trucks [v2.2] 17/01/2017

#33 Post by Blackspots » 04 Feb 2017 16:03

Yeah, that's one reason why I don't use this mod on my truck, but I do keep it activated because it changes the GPS in Ohaha's 2013 FH16 to have the same colors, and isn't as bright.
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Re: TomTom navigation for all trucks [v2.2] 17/01/2017

#34 Post by Mikeinva » 23 Apr 2017 12:42

I'm currently using an RJL scania but the mod I used to provide a 6 speed gearbox for it includes a GPS that really makes driving difficule with the in dash system and it's effecting all trucks in the game. Does this mod work on 1.27 with all trucks including modded trucks such as the RJL?

Speaking of the RJL how do you get those lights on the front grill that form a V shape? I can't seem to find anything in the shop menu that provides that option.

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