Deutz Diesel Revision

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Jens Lyn IV
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Deutz Diesel Revision

#1 Post by Jens Lyn IV » 31 Dec 2020 19:12

If you think the excellent Magirus-Deutz 19/22D TE by Ventyres et al. isn't quite slow enough, look no further. The standard engines make certain concessions to playability because ETS2 doesn't simulate old naturally-aspirated engines particularly well. As such, they are somewhat more torquey than real life, and also slightly more powerful: the V8 makes 305 PS, the V10 349 PS, and the V12 392 PS, all @ 1700 RPM.

This minimod makes significant changes to engine characteristics and adds shorter final drive ratios for all transmissions. Torque curves for the V10 and V12 are based directly on this datasheet, while the V8 is loosely based on this derated mining engine with adjustments based on available data to match the road-going version. With these changes, peak power for the V8 is 256 PS @ 2500 RPM, 305 PS @ 2650 RPM for the V10, and 340 PS @ 2650 RPM for the V12. Other changes include lower internal resistance, weaker exhaust brake, and higher RPM limit.

This is your excuse to find that rev limiter and enjoy the air cooled Deutz Diesel music.

Known issues:
  • Automatic transmission may get stuck in a loop shifting up and down. This is because the very low torque and very short first gear cause the truck to lose too much speed during shifting, dropping below the downshift RPM; I've tried to tune this out, but it's difficult to find settings that work well with all transmissions. Manual shifting is very strongly recommended.
  • Automatic transmission may fail to shift up even on a level road. This is hardcoded; upshifts won't happen if the power surplus is marginal. Once again, manual shifting is strongly recommended.
  • I have not tested all engine-transmission combinations; feedback will be very much appreciated.
Before uninstalling, change your final drive ratio to the default (tallest) option: 3.50 for the 9-speed, 4.20 for the 12- and 13-speed.



Code: Select all

1.0: initial release with torque curves based loosely on underground mining engines; 2 additional final drive ratios
1.1: update with more accurate torque curves for V10, V12; 3 additional final drive ratios for 9-speed, 4 for 12- and 13-speed transmissions
1.2: better throttle response; fixed typo in V10 description
1.3: fixed gear names for 9-speed
1.4: tweaked fuel consumption
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Re: Deutz Diesel Revision

#2 Post by PikPikker » 01 Jan 2021 08:38

Great mod, thanks a lot!

Jens Lyn IV
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Re: Deutz Diesel Revision

#3 Post by Jens Lyn IV » 01 Jan 2021 17:29

Updated to version 1.1. Now with better torque curves for the V10 and V12, and final drives based on real sources rather than guesswork. The 9-speed transmission now has 3 additional final drive ratios, while the 12- and 13-speed have 4; you may want to double check your final drive ratio as most existing transmissions have changed significantly.

Thanks to PikPikker for linking me to better source material.

Edit: updated to version 1.2 with improved throttle response via artificially low swept volume; I was worried this would result in lower fuel consumption, but testing shows no change. Exhaust brake strengthened to maintain same braking effect.

Edit 2: updated to version 1.3; turns out I can't read and the 8+1 is not a splitter box...

Edit 3: updated to version 1.4 with slightly lower fuel consumption

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