Russian road sidns (vlkSignsRu) v1.0

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Russian road sidns (vlkSignsRu) v1.0

#1 Post by vpoteryaev » 22 Nov 2017 01:39

This mod is intended to help in creation maps of Russia.
Contains most frequently used road signs and Russian font.
Both signs and font are match with Russian standards (ГОСТ Р 52290-2004: Traffic control devices. Traffic signs. General technical requirements).
Creating signs of all size-types for the game is not reasonable, so only size-type II is taken (i.e. for the main roads with two and three lanes).

Additionally, Photoshop and Blender sources are also available.

1. To tweak images of prohibitory signs. Just now simple "copy-paste" is used without rework in Photoshop.
2. To modify the font. At current moment it contains only digits, cyrillic symbols, symbols: "-", ".", "," and hyphen (replaces the symbol "$" - dollar).
3. To add more sign-templates and rarely used signs. Now only "Object Name" template-signs (white and blue background, medium and small size) present with they "exit" variants. I.e. may be used for "city limit start-end".
4. To fix bugs. :lol:

Both the mod and the sources are free for use. Do whatever you want with them without even asking me.
The only thing I do not welcome (but can't influence, unfortunately) is useing my work in the PAID mods.

Download links:
vlkSignRu 1.0
Source files

Kind Regards

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