Texas Discussion Thread

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1021 Post by KnuteOle » 15 Apr 2021 22:38

I've got a dollar that says SCS will include an easter egg in Texas that references @flight50.


Question is, what could that easter egg be? :o
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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1022 Post by Brendan0620 » 15 Apr 2021 22:39

I doubt we'll get a Texas blog on Friday, which is tomorrow. I think the Iberia Community Showcase blog will be tomorrow. But with the next Texas blog on the horizon, I think it should be about Industry. I really want to know what else we could haul in Texas other than Oil and Livestock, which I hope those two industries will make it in with Texas.

Would be nice to see an expansion of companies like what Flight has said on here a few times, Iberia got many companies, I believe over 20 I'm not sure. But Texas should bring many new companies to the table as well.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1023 Post by flight50 » 16 Apr 2021 00:53

@KnuteOle That would be hilarious but I doubt they'd go that far. The best they could do for me is show a few buildings off I-30 near I-635 which is very close to my house. Heck even if the Walmart, Kroger or Albertsons by my house was deliverable, I'd take that as an Easter egg. My exit is too close to a major junction though so my exit can easily be skip unless somethings are just scenic of course. Nothing really special around my area though.

@Brendan0620, mannnnn, I'd be completely dumbfounded if oil/gas or livestock didn't make Texas. Its next to impossible to exclude those 2 from Texas. The devs can skip on several things in Texas but those 2 misses would doom Texas before Pavel even hits the upload button. If SCS has a check list for industries in Texas, Oil/Gas and Livestock don't even have numbers because they should be automatic, lol. But yeahhhhh I am totally with you on what else comes. I'm all about ICC's so that is my biggest concern. Texas is huge and a huge amount of area to cover. Its larger than Iberia by area. I've been seeing a ton of complaints about the lack of secondary roads in Iberia. Texas really only has I-10, I-20, I-30, I-35E, I-35W and I-45 that links up multiple deliverable cities. I-44, I-37, I-2, I-14 and I-27 are here but they only link up two major cities vs multiples. Texas doesn't have an Interstate system that circles around the state so Texas would have to have secondary roads.

If you play ATS, most understand the landscape by now or you should. Texas is no Washington, Colorado, Idaho with all this lush beauty. At least not that we will see from the roads we get. If you want flatter lands without mountains, high speeds and straight roads, then jump on the Texas bandwagon. I've seen a few comments that Iberia is boring. I haven't played it yet because the K100 mod isn't updated but from what I've seen, it looks great. You can't always go buy what some say. The comparison between Iberia and Texas can really only be made relating the square miles/square kilometers. Two totally different biomes and cultures. I'm confident that the devs will give us a good Texas. Wyoming is coming and it could be just at great as Colorado. Colorado was better than Idaho. Idaho improved some over Utah. Utah for me is favored over Washington. In a nutshell, each dlc is better than the last.......for me. Good thing Wyoming comes before Texas. Following up with Texas over anything will be a downsize. Even Montana is no Texas. Its large and wide open but it will lack cities and the road network of Texas. The beauty is better than Texas though for sure. Still, I sooo hope Montana is the announced state for the 2021 xmas stream. If the Wyoming team can go there once Wyoming releases, we are in good shape for 2022. The West gets completed and Idaho gets relief. Texas will be in the mix and tons of land to drive on at that point. One entire region of the US would be completed. On to the South, the MidWest and the Northeast eventually once Wyoming and Montana are in place.

Anywho, there is just too much open space in Texas to play with. Whatever the devs come up with, it will be enjoyable for me. Texas won't scale back in quality. So no worries for me there. The first blog showed Texas under a pretty good light imho.....and that was just one blog. Between Wyoming, Texas and the California rebuild, there's a lot of excitement in place. With the base map getting rebuilt, think about all the new stuff that has come to the game since California was developed. ATS just make 5 years old but ATS started back in what....2013-2014ish. California is way behind. Newer industries and depots will make their way into California including things for Wyoming and Texas since they are also in development. One trip I'd love to make is DFW to LA or Houston to LA. The milestone is San Diego to San Antonio though. That marks the half way point from C2C on I-10.

Texas has a pretty diverse economy though. But yes Brendan, Iberia got quite a few companies. 22 to be exact. But all ETS2 dlc's get 15+. Texas has the size to introduce many new companies. Less than 12-15 new companies would be disappointing though, I'll admit. Oregon got 11 by itself in 2018. Surely Oregon can't beat out Texas. Hopefully the personal responsible for bringing new companies really consider this opportunity. There are several companies in each industry that would be great candidates for new companies in Texas. Texas can introduce these but multiple states can get these.

Retail: Sam's Club, Costco, Kohl's, Target, Lowe's
Food Manufacturer: Tyson,Kraft, Frito Lay, Post
Automotive Dealerships: CarMax, AutoNation
Beverage: Pepsi, Dr. Pepper
Gasoline: Exxon, Shell
Chemical: Dow, BASF, DuPont, LyondellBassell
Paper: Georgia Pacific, International Paper
Personal/Household: Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Horn
Construction: Fluor, McDermott, DR Horton (residential)
Building Material: Owens Corning, GAF, Forterra
Oil/Gas Industry - Schlumberger, Halliburton, Kinder Morgan
Technology: Texas Instruments, Dell
Aviation: Bell Helicopter
Distribution: Sysco, US Foods
Logistics: JB Hunt, Swift, Werner, XPO, CRST, Amazon, USPS
Grocery Store: Albertsons, Kroger, HEB
Candy: Mars, Ferrero, Hershey, Nestle
Bakery/Snacks: Nestle, PepsiCo, Kraft, Mondelez, Grupo Bimbo, Kellogg's

By no means am I saying all this needs to or should happen for Texas but for the entire US, many of these can happen. And this is a generous list. I deleted half of these. So far ETS2 has 170 companies and ATS has 46. Surely ATS can get 170 for the entire North American continent if ETS2 can fit 170 now and still growing into its space. See comparison map.


I seriously don't understand the imbalance of new companies. How can one game get them but the other can't? Exclude the vast majority of Canada for the Northern province and you still have a ton of space. The United States is just barely smaller than Europe by itself. Add in companies for Canada and Mexico and there is a lot of real estate to add new companies. I'm waiting the day to see more companies, more cargo and more industries added. As much as I love ATS and appreciate what the devs do, its hard to rate the game better than a 8.0 out of 10. I simply can't play as frequently as I use to which such limitations for the economy as I don't see enough new ICC's that makes me want to explore. ETS2 is great for exploring but not so much in ATS. Only the roads are great to explore. I play to transport cargo for industries to diverse companies and I just don't feel like the energy is put into the ATS economy honestly. So I'm waiting the day when SCS can make that happen.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1024 Post by Quark » 16 Apr 2021 01:27

Regarding Blogposts, i don't think we are going to see anything of Texas for maybe some weeks at least if you ask me. Wyoming must be in a pretty advanced state in the meantime and the blog machine should be starting to roll now, full steam ahead. All eyes on Wyoming! Maybe we will see one or two blogposts about Texas until Wyoming is released but that was pretty much it very likely. Texas got officially confirmed about a month ago on the blog. If we compare it with the situation last year: The blogpost where Colorado was confirmed came late March. Up until the release of Idaho in mid July we had seen only ONE more Blogpost about Colorado, namely on 2nd of July. That is a HUGE timespan. That makes me think we won't see too much of Texas throughout the spring.And will be disproven tomorrow, as is usually the case when you say something like that :roll:

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1025 Post by flight50 » 16 Apr 2021 02:20

Colorado imho is the exception. Its the first and only dlc in which the devs came here to research. So from March 26th to May 12th (the next Colorado blog), the devs where more than likely analyzing and finding out how to piece Colorado together based on their trip. So that took time. Colorado isn't flat as Texas so the brainstorming had to really kick in I'd imagine.

Now fast forward to Texas and it has been in development since Jan/Feb 2019....more than 25-26 months ago. We got a decent amount of Texas screenshots on that first blog post. Remember that outside of the Texas triangle, Texas is somewhat sparse. Lots of open areas to see. We should without a doubt get at least (1) blog a month for Texas for the remainder of this year is my hunch. 21-30 day gaps is my guess. 30-45 is a bit to much for a state that will need to capture everyone's attention. Texas won't take away from Wyoming at all. Wyoming will release almost an entire year before Texas so Wyoming will have its spot light. But Texas can't be forgotten about. Same with the California rebuild. Although its free, it too has to keep players excited and engaged in upcoming content. (1) blog a month for Texas really isn't a lot. That's is only (9) blogs for the rest of the year. That won't even give Texas (12 total). Come 2022, Texas ramps up around Feb when ATS turns 6 and things push into Spring. If Texas has less than 21 blogs (Oregon had 21), I'd be a little surprised. Texas has a lot more economy than Oregon has and the blog will show it. Texas could easily pull off close to (30 blogs). Iberia had (28 total), so its possible.

My thoughts......with Iberia out.....ATS could get a map blog every 2-3 weeks. Some dlcs as they near the finish line gets that by itself. But ATS has Wyoming, Texas and California to kick in. There is HoR of course and unless SCS secretively started the UK or somewhere else, ATS has the bulk of the maps to excite us on what's coming.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1026 Post by AlexxxF1 » 16 Apr 2021 06:07

flight50 wrote:
16 Apr 2021 00:53
I've been seeing a ton of complaints about the lack of secondary roads in Iberia.
I've seen a few comments that Iberia is boring.
those,who say something like that , apparently did not play in Iberia DLC.

Iberia is the most diverse territory in Europe :shock: . perhaps only Russia can compare, and then only because it covers such a huge territory and so many time zones.

Iberia has secondary roads. yes, there are not so many of them, in comparison with the autobahns. but SCS gave us DLC with 23 000 km roads, all DLC before has 11-13 000 km.
and the price of Iberia DLС SCS remained for us the same. :o I was shocked.

I don't understand why people are complaining. no matter how much given to them , it is always not enough for them.

secondary roads do not differ much from the autobahns passing nearby. but yes, they are used by locals to bypass very expensive toll roads.
to international carriers the most important thing - save time. especially when transporting perishable goods. therefore do not use secondary roads.
on the highway all time you drive with 90km\h - on secondary roads only 70-50km\h, often driving through small towns.
secondary roads is a very big waste of time. especially if you go by truck with 20t cargo.

when we got Road to the Black Sea I've been seeing a ton of complaints about the lack of highways in RttBS. that they get very tired, driving along the same secondary roads)
now I see the same thing, only about secondary roads in Iberia and highways ))

I think some people just forget that we have a Truck Simulator ) not a Tourist Simulator ))

and what about the production in Texas. I think we will get the production of steel and metal. :mrgreen:
it seems on the New Year's stream I saw the objects that were shown to us, which resemble warehouses of metal structures - rods, pipes, sheets.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1027 Post by gandalf7472000 » 16 Apr 2021 06:31

@flight50 I can allready see it "flight50 airlines cargo terminal" at dallas/fort worth international airport ;)
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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1028 Post by shadynsx » 16 Apr 2021 08:54

AlexxxF1 wrote:
16 Apr 2021 06:07
flight50 wrote:
16 Apr 2021 00:53
I've been seeing a ton of complaints about the lack of secondary roads in Iberia.
I've seen a few comments that Iberia is boring.
I think some people just forget that we have a Truck Simulator ) not a Tourist Simulator ))
What we have is a video game and the point of a game is enjoyment. Many people who we are into trucks/cars we don't like highways because how monotonous and straight they typically are, they're not fun to drive IRL and in the games are even worse because the scenery can be very repetetive.

That's just my opinion but you can also see in steam reviews, spanish forums and gameplays form spanish youtubers that they're not happy with they country in the Iberia DLC, they know It and they miss many Important national roads and mountain passes used by truckers.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1029 Post by joschac2 » 16 Apr 2021 09:13

The AI doesn't help with highway driving. constant slowing down

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#1030 Post by Shiva » 16 Apr 2021 10:18

shadynsx, they seem to forget everything that is ingame, sadly.
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